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  1. dont people where you live have ears. Last time i checked a 32v didint sound AT ALL like a v6 pee shooter, And IRS exhaust is the dead give away. yeah and brakes are usually a dead give away. This kid in my hood did a gt.cobra body panel conversion emblems , everything, and though he had everyone fooled till i said "nice brakes". He shut up real quick like he knew i could make him look like a retard WHy lie. remember the old saying "bring what you got", not"bring what you wish you could have"

  2. MotorCITY, you can pick up a new Rolex AirKing for $2,800.00. :nice:
  3. man do i hate Fobras....there are a couple of them running around here. All v6s to boot.

    i found one on the highway once with a 16-18 y/o driving it. he got owned shortly thereafter

    What gets my the most though is when people at car shows accuse me of having the fake because it doesn't have a blower on it.

    I guess that blue cobra on the plenum means nothing not to mention HUGE 4V heads
  4. HAHA!!! well today after school i saw the pos fobra and i figured i would show him up. So we were at a stop sign and he was behind me, and i reved my engine.....he didn't rev back of course (this was around about 30 people and 20 cars :D :D :D ). i knew he wasnt going to race me because he knows he will get royaly raped. SO i do a FATASS burnout in 1st up to about 4500-5000 rpms and a little in second when i shifted. :hail2: IT WAS PERFECT! :banana: One of my friends was standing around and i guess the fobra tried to burnout and he cherped the tires. haha! Then what really pissed me off was when he did a RICER fly by!!!(i wasnt paying attention or he woulden't have passed me)...can you believe it! wow some people just need to learn. :shrug:
  5. So do you guys hate GT's with Cobra engines too?? :) On a side note the Air-King is my favorite Rolex because it doesn't scream of being a Rolex with the bubble and all the bling. Simple & Timeless.
  6. No, you're ok. But it would be a problem if you said you're car is an original Cobra. Let me run a scenario of someone asking about your car:

    The Correct way:
    Other Person: Is that a Cobra?
    You: No, it's a GT with a Cobra engine.

    The Wrong way:
    Other Person: Is that a Cobra?
    You: Why yes...yes it is a Cobra.

    End of scenario. :D
  7. What i hate is being mistaken for another car that kinda looks like yours. I have a 97 tripple black convertible is hard to be different but i try :shrug:i switched to a sallen s281 wing,installed a sport bar with tonneau svo borla side exhaust, and chrome 18 cobra R's but it still hard to be unique
  8. Well no one has or probably ever will think my car is a looks just like a stock GT on the outside...quite a sleeper--but if asked I would of course say it is a GT with a Cobra swap-- Trying to badge you car to look like a faster one is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of...
  9. Whats wrong with my fake Rolex? I enjoy rolling up to the hang out with my authentic snake while my folex sparkles in the sunset.
  10. I dont mind a gt with a cobra engine just dont try to pass it off as a cobra.(If your vin says its a GT, its a GT not a cobra) :p
  11. I am glad for insurance purposes my VIN says its a GT. I just told my girlfriend yesterday I wished I would have started with a V6 and done the swap to it. I personally don't see anything wrong with a saleen clone, a cobra clone is kinda lame, but if someone has a car that is faster, and better than a stock saleen I wouldn't blame them for wanting to make their car look more expensive/classy. Maybe thats just me because I always wanted a saleen but didn't want to fork out the cash! haha--
  12. As long as the said person with the saleen clone admitted it was when asked, and didn't try and tell everyone it was a real saleen....
  13. I enjoy my real rolex and my cobraed up GT :) the oppsite of you alf haha--
  14. My Cobra is just $15 more a month than my v-6 on insurance, and I agree that the Air King is timeless! :nice:

    Are you a watch collector?
  15. So what about me? where do i stand with my Fobra?

    92 GT Cobra(canada)
    04 SVT engine, T56 trans, 03/04 Cobra IRS, 2000 Cobra R fuel Cell, and original 93'SVT cobra Body kit, 03 F+R cobra OEM brakes, 95 Cobra R Wheels (not knock offs)

    Oh yeah did i mention i dumped the roots supers charger and installed a single T66 roller bearing item................ im going looking for those jerks in Supras, never could beat them before in my stang but know a different game.

    Always wanted a SVT Cobra but being a student couldnt afford it............. so i you cant afford it built it (when i was still in school now im done).

    But i do it right with the V8 and all the good toys.

    I have no respect for a cobra wanabee with a V6 under the hood!

    PS i was racing my escort cosworth at the drag strip when 6600RPM dump into first gear and the bloody transfercase turned into a greneade. crap! :nonono:
  16. any mustang owner is a wannabe ricer; my BMW M3 owns all of you; admit it; you envy BMW owners. People who buy mustangs are the ones who can't afford a BMW.

  17. I Seem to remember BMW crying to the FISA in 1987, 88, 89, 90, and 91 because they couldnt beat the Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworths on the World touring car circuit. Then at the end of 91 they banned the Fords because of BMW's constant crying that they didnt have the horsepower to beat the cossies. If you dont belive me run a web search!

    Oh yeah my point. you could go into a dealer and buy the cossies for much cheaper than a M3 and today the cossie is worth more! Fords always made affordable cars that can destroy all, and can be modified up the ying yang. What you gonna do when your Bimmer breaks down or the Vanos packs it in? Go cry to your dealer? then you'll get the repair bill! have fun.

    Oh yeah i can afford a new M3 as i am an engineer, but its more fum to beat an M3 in a blue colar muscle car and watch the M3's owners balls shrink.

    "BMW richmans honda civic!" :lol:
  18. who does this guy think he is!! HAHA :lol: :lol: mustang = wanna be :mad: one of my friends has an m3 and i cant stand the thing. he threw a fart can on the back and i never understood y he did that. and the last time i checked a v6 was closer to a 4 cylinder then a v8. :banana:
  19. hahahaha. so funny this is here.

    my boy(& mechanic) has a 96 teal v6, with cobra rims & more cobra emblems then mine! he knows its nothing-

    and in his garage he has a 89 monte, with SS emblems, but its not- its blown!

    what gets me more then this is the reject around here with a 4 door focus & a huge piece of vinyl (type-R) across the rear? atleast keep it in the family and throw RS emlems on it?!?

  20. oh my freakin' god- allow me to drool, pant, and moan cause i am so god-damn jealous! :bang:

    let me know if you wanna sell it, although i probably cant afford it! sweet ride man!