Drove an RX-8

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  1. you would own our 2003 civic and 3,000,000 (estimate) other stock 91-03 civics riding around . a stock Si might give you a run.
  2. actually, it probably would. i make no claims as to my car being fast...
  3. Turbos are fun, dont knock em till you try em.
  4. For the average Joe, a good n2o kit will make goobs of power for a small amount of coin.

    To consider a turbo or supercharger legit while saying n2o is not is not logical. They are all considered power adders. And to say it is hard on internals...sounds like your talking out yer ass because all three are, just with n2o it is way to easy to just bump it up, hence the bad rap about internals. Take your average v8 f-bod, can handle a 150 shot all day long, no probs. But you get some goof who decides to up it to 250 and all of a sudden n2o is bad.

    Until you ride in a bad car that runs a powerful, well tuned n2o setup, don't bad mouth it.
  5. there was a vid in v8 talk of some idiot who used a 400 shot in a 350z, put some nice holes in the engine
  6. I would have liked to see that explosion......
  7. YES, the only time nitrous becomes dangerous is when tuning is poor. Using too much is bad also. It would be the same as trying to run a T04 turbo on my 2.3's stock cast pistons. The power would blow them to little chunks. Basically, you build and tune the car to what you want to run. You can't just slap a 200 shot onto any car, and then when it blows up, blame the nitrous for it. NO, it's the IDIOTS who misuse it.

    I just think it's cheating when some loser just slaps nitrous on a stock car. It's totally different than a supercharger or turbo. You have to build and tune the car to run a forced induction power adder (fuel, computer, exhaust manifold on turbo, etc.). With a basic nitrous setup, you can run a 50 shot on just about any car. I feel thats cheating.
  8. I am very happy to see a domestic owner that is not bias to small dispacement engines. I have a twin turbo 94 Rx7 with 350 rwhp. I thought the rx-8 would be boring and a dog since the rx7 out specs it. I drove the car and was so impressed and I bought it. Now I have an rx7 and rx8.

    I love both cars, the rx-7 is definately more of a brute and way more power, but the rx8 is SO forgiving and is the easiest car in the world to drive fast. The fit and finish on this car is spectacular, and yes you are right the interior is AMAZING.

    Glad you enjoyed the car!!
  9. also if you look at the 6 cylinder in the mazda6 that engine is actually a ford engine. it has ford stamped all over the block. it was just tuned by the people at mazda. i know this cause i saw the engine on an engine stand at last years auto show