E85, Long Tubes, and California Emissions Please Help!

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  1. So work has me moving from PA to sunny Southern California this June. That means my current set up on my track pack '13 (1-7/8"American Racing Long Tubes, 3" Catted X Pipe, JLT CAI, and 93 octane dyno tune) isn't going to fly. First, California only seems to have 91 at the pump which is a quick tune change but what I'd like to do is explore the possibility of E85.
    Is anyone running E85 in California with otherwise "illegal" exhaust I am curious as to how it would do in the smog test? Also I know I will need a re-tune and larger injectors but does anyone have reports on running their Coyote on an E85 setup? Car with Full Exhaust and Intake currently makes 420rwhp and 395 ft lbs at the rear wheels.
  2. As a fellow CA CARB hater, here's the rundown:
    - 91 is the highest octane you're going to get.
    - The headers and the x-pipe will have to go. They won't pass. Your options here are to reinstall/retune the stock pipes before the smog check or know a guy that can pass you. Basically, anything between the engine and the muffler will have to stay stock.
    - E85 is nice in theory, but good luck finding a pump.
    - Do you have an aftermarket muffler? There are sound regulations as well as emission regulations to follow.
  3. I saw your post asking someone about mufflers who was living in SoCal and I almost jumped into that thread on the spot. Thanks for replying. To be honest with you I definitely am not reinstalling stock manifolds. The American Racing ones were too damn expensive and not having a lift in my new spot..... I'm just not doing it. That being said I could swap out to a quieter muffler (I still have the stockers in my garage). I am currently running Pypes Pype Bombs (resonators still in). Honestly it's not too loud until you get on it. How hard is it to find someone to pass me. This is BS! haha as I know you are aware. Also my tuner said he can send me a 91 tune which I can load for when I get out there.
  4. Don't know how hard it will be to find one, as I never bothered to look. My stang is intended to be a cruiser, not a track demon, so I don't really care about any more hp than it already has, so it's not worth the trouble of swindling CARB.

    Btw, I never did get anyone to hit me up about the mufflers. I went with the Borla Stingers on hunch and reviews and boy am I happy with them. I just make sure to start out in second gear and get to 3rd as soon as I can when I'm around a cop.

    Oh and hit me up when you're in town.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I will surely hit you up once I move out there. Keep your ears open if possible for any reputable shops in the area able to "bend the rules." I really don't plan on changing my headers back to the stock manifolds. I bought the car to drive it and drive it hard. Coming from a previously supercharged Mustang the power in stock form wasn't quite enough. I am still looking ahead for more options down the road most likely involving forced induction.
  6. You can always buy another Mustang, keep it legal, and keep your current one as a track demon.
  7. You are not going to like it here. Place is run by Feminized NAZIs. Your exhaust and intake system will not pass the visual so you won't make it to the sniffer. Every engine/exhaust mod must have an Exemption Order issued by the California Air Resources Board. Loud exhaust is screaming ticket me. If you get pulled over a cop can inspect your car and if anything under the hood appears to be other than stock, can refer you to a state referee. Fines run into the multi-thousands. Cheaper to put it back to stock and put in a CARB approved FI kit of some kind. You make bigger power that way anyhow. E-10 @ 91 octane is as good as your going to get for gas. Only metro areas and commuter corridors seem to pump E85. There is one cornhole station in my city that I know about. Your screwed 100 miles away from home on the E85. Nice weather though.