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  1. hi there,
    quick question regarding CAI's. my 2000 v6 is stock, this will be my first mod. i've heard from a few people that the cheapo $50 ones that go on ebay will work just as well as the $200 K&N FIPK model. any truth to this? i just can't see it being true? do the cheap ones go all the way to the throttle body?

    an example that i'm looking at is this: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=7906508215&category=38634

    thanks in advance for any helpful advice or personal experience.

  2. Yes they work the same, dont worry. :lol: They better go all the way to the throttle body :lol: I have one and it works fine, fits fine, cleans fine, sounds fine.
  3. awesome, thanks. does anybody else have an opinion on this?
  4. I recently installed an Ebay CAI. It took a little finess to hook it up but it works fine and u can really feel the boost comapared to the stock intake. id say definaly go with the Ebay one unless money doesnt matter to u.
  5. i don't mind paying the extra money for the K&N, IF, it works better.

    the ebay ones work, but do they work as well as the K&N?
  6. 1. no you can't. You gained like 2-3 hp, but thats about it. You can't feel 2-3 hp.

    2. Ebay CAI are made of cheap metal and will likely rust in under a year.

    3. A quality CAI actually has some science behind it. Not that you could tell the difference anyways. They actually do flow bench tests. Not just buy tubing. Then again, who knows where they buy their tubing from. But my MAC hasnt rusted and I've had it for 4 years.

    4. K&N owns MAC (from my knowledge) or just sells them most of their parts for rebadging. (Kinda like a house brand). Anything sold by mac is technically a k&n.
  7. My experience with the MAC is that it is a decent product but its a pain to install. I have the K&N FIPK on my car now and before that I had the Densecharger. Could I tell a difference? NO! I dont like the MAC kit because its chrome and supposedly the chrome gets hotter than the plastic that K&N and Densecharger uses. I know many people have the ebay kits and they work fine. Its all up to you man. If you have the extra money go for the Densecharger, K&N or even the MAC. If your tight on money, just go with the CAI off of ebay.
  8. 1) yes you can. i have one. you get a lot better pick up from a stopping position.

    2) i've had my ebay CAI for about a year and a half...not a bit of rust.

    3) why waste that type of money when you can buy tubing and basically copy the length and angle bends of a mac, slightly different to avoid legal reasons? again, had mine for year and a half and not a problem yet.

    4) never heard about that, but who knows it may be true. but i'll tell you this...putting that name on there it increases the price quite a bit. lets think logically. they have to pay for advertising, marketing exectutives, a ceo, and all the people who run those unnecessary parts of a business.

    save your money buy a ebay cai.
  9. ebay cai = junk
  10. butt dyno .. all in your mind ..

  11. OK buddy if you don't have the Ebay CAI then how do you know what it feels like when you drive it? You don't. I think your just pissed that everyone is saying that ebay CAI are the same EXACT thing you got only 100 bucks cheaper and with a brand name. I tested my car's HP and its not 2-3 its more like 8-12 just like the MAC and every other CAI. So just calm down with all the 1,2,3,4 stuff.

    Thank you sir.
  12. is your filter KN?
  13. How so?

    My Brother has the MAC CAI on his '95 Cobra, and I like the fit and finish of my $44 CAI better.

    Although the blue rubber hose connectors aren't as lengthy as the MAC counterpart, that's the only thing I don't like. The one that connects the first tube to the mass air actually tore on my Brother's. :)

    I love my eBay CAI.
  14. :rlaugh: :lol: Wow you must think you pwned me on that one...

    Lol....wow...newb has something to say. Really...go ahead and show me the dyno of before and after on that one...then you may speak if u still think it is needed...
  15. being a newb has nothing to do with it. what you think i dont know anything about cars because i recently joined this forum and got the title newbie? being a newb doesnt mean jack. and you are :owned: by me
  16. and by saying that you owned me? right....
  17. ...answer my question, is your FILTER KN?
  18. why would you care if your filter is K&n or generic? doesnt matter. its a thin piece of cotton with oil on it. the only reason to have a K&n filter is so you can put that cool K&N sticker on your car, because you know that sticker adds another 5 hp. some say the K&N filter flows better than the generic does, and this is my answer to this. They are the same thing. they are both pieces of cotton with oil on them. same thickness, same amount of air in the batting...they flow the same. i know this because i set up a test where i cut open a K&N and a generic filter and measured the CFM coming thru them in a 1 inch tube. The generic actually was 3 cfm HIGHER than the K&N, but thats just part of my inaccuricies, since i dont have $3,000 machines to do this with...lol.
  19. Well, as long as your buying a quality brand they are the same. Go to an auto place and ask for the cheap ones and they actually do suck...paper...
  20. OMG it (the rubber connecting the MAF to the piping) tore on my brother 01' GT conv as well (he has a MAC CAI with K&N Filter)(while i have an ebay CAI)! WHAT THE HELL!?
    I also got a MAC sticker with my dual exhaust, that sticker makes me go fast :rolleyes: (its in my center console compartment with all my other junk lol)
    and yes, although i was hesitant at first, and afraid i wasted an amazing 50 bux, the cai gives my car a little more 'giddy up' especially from a stand still, i love it :D
    even if it is all in ure head (dyno or otherwise) It's still in ure head! (Mind over matter?) not saying if you think your car goes faster it does (a ricer's dream) just saying if you have it in ure head, then atleast you think it goes faster right?