Eco Boost I4 Vs Fox

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  1. I got money on madmike
  2. His reply of, "but I don't have a mustang" in 5,4,3,2,1,...
  3. There is so much truth in this. It's very hard to beat a Fox chassis Mustang for performance. All the new stuff is very expensive and very heavy. It hits that magic weight to street tire limit very quickly.

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  4. It's the potential of the fox's that gives me a woody. I'm not sure how much more you could get out of those newer 4 cylinders... No one else has said it so I will: There's no replacement for displacement!

    I'll always be a V-8 man (or should I say AT LEAST a V-8 man, nothing wrong with more cylinders! :nice:)
  5. To add injury to insult, a lot of the new V8 cars are getting better gas mileage than the performance 4 cylinders.

  6. Im a 4 cylinder guy at heart. Ive wanted a Neon SRT-4 since they came out, after i saw a few 450-500 whp cars running 10's and still being able to drive every day comfortably. The 2.3 ecoboost is a punched out version of the 2.0 ecoboost in the focus ST. Guys are already getting 300 FWHP out of the ST with just a few mods. Id love to see what could be had from the 2.3
  7. Most guys that buy the new performance vehicles, don't mod for 2 reasons... No money.. Don't want to screw up the warranty on a 30k car.. I'm gonna stick with my 25 year old car anyday. Making 400rwhp in a fox has got to be a boatload of fun in a 3,000lb car. I have not experienced it yet. But the measly gt40 setup with 260rwhp was fun to drive.
  8. Or they just don't need to.

    If you bought a new 2015 GT with the 420HP 5.0, what more do you really need? An exhaust maybe? A shifter?
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  9. I thought the numbers released were 430 hp :lol:
  10. I remember when the Skittles (SRT-4) were popular. Those lost steam quickly. I saw one for the first time in awhile and was amazed. It's like they all fell off the side of the planet. Dodge was trying to capitalize on the tuner market, but the aftermarket support for the car never came onboard to make the car have standing popularity. The dealer support was bad too. I had a friend who bought one around 2003. He made an honest effort of it with a boost controller and nitrous. The the MAP sensor died, and the dealership wouldn't even sell him one; said the part was unavailable. He ended up having to take a turbo PT Cruiser for a test drive, and the swap the MAP sensors out really quickly behind The Home Depot to get a working MAP sensor. Then it kept breaking CV axles. There was only one aftermarket axle available and it could hold the power, but it made the car practically unsteerable. He sold the car shortly after racing my MR2 which was a decade older. He beat me, but not by much. He figured if he could just barely beat an MR2 there was no chance his almost completely unstreetable Skittle would ever be able to hold a candle to the ever popular LS1 Camaros at the time. So he jut got another LS1 Camaro.

  11. It's actually 435hp.. And yes I would like more please... Still higher powered stock mustangs out there. Gt500 to name just one.. Maybe if I had one of those I would leave it alone just because it's limited production
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  12. For the coyote mustangs, the axle backs are purely just for sound, not much of a power gain.
  13. I wonder if the new EcoBoost I4 will have launch control like the 5.0
  14. I have zero interest in a Mustang with a 4 Cylinder.
  15. Neons in general were junk.
  16. Bah....who actually mods because they "need to"?
  17. The Caliber was worse. The Neon was the better of the two.
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  18. What about the ford fuk-us?
    *Edit* Wonder what happend to Killa?
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  19. He probably enrolled in school to correct his grammar and has a life now unlike the rest of us. lol
  20. The Focus used to be a good car. They have kind of ruined it. The Neon was horrible. It was also the fastest depreciating car for like 8 years straight.