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  1. No Mustang Should Ever have center exhaust- It's not a dam c5 vette
    No mustang Has EVER had center exhaust , and We shouldn't start now !!

    sorry but your Hoods look pretty bad-
  2. Ummm, what about the '69 and '70 Shelbys?
  3. 69-70 shelbys -

    You think they looks good, ? don't kid yourself.

    It doesn't fit to well with the updated rear end look -

    Just like the 3rd Brake light -
  4. He is saying how the 69-70 shelby's had 2 pipes coming out of the center instead of outsides. for exhaust that is.
  5. :lol: I never kid myself.
  6. O.T. I am having this same problem, how do we delete them, besides removing them from the original post...?:shrug:
  7. Maybe you should do some more research on Mustangs.


    Take a real close look.
  8. Man that black one just looks MEAN, like you're stupid to race it.

  9. Sent marley an all white one to contrast the all black one. :D Only like one other person complained about the center exhaust, not enough to even worry about. I like it, so I'm keeping it, afterall, I did them. ;)
  10. Vyto: New Eleanor pics look a lot more Eleanor-ish. I tried playing around with your picture and moving the fog lights down but I didn't care for the way that looked. I think having the fogs in the grill look a lot better for this car.
  11. The Fireman - 1
    Sweet~low93 - 0
  12. Saleen S-351s also had Center Exhaust outlets. Can't find any pics right now.
  13. Ask and you shall receive...hope this is what you meant! :D


    I also took the liberty of removing the mufflers to make it more like the current stang's exhaust set-up...those muffs just ugly up the back end IMHO.


    Other than those two changes, it looks PERFECT to me :nice:

    BTW Bob, that dark chop looks amazing! Nice work, hopefully Ford/Shelby will do that, because I'll start saving now!
  14. Center exhaust is also standard on SA 20 and "E'" model Saleens.
    Its like the 99-00 S-351 system.


  15. Love the way my pics are already the property of car domain... :p
  16. LOVE the dark one. not too big on the hood though...kinda makes the front end look like its drooping way down. very nice work vyto2
  17. these are much better...


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  18. I don't dig the straight grille too much. maybe the black honeycomb on top and a nice shiny intercooler showin thru on bottom :)
  19. Here's a different take on it by vyto. The "avenging angel" :nice:

  20. Anybody know why the pics are showing up as links instead of images. I know I wrapped the url with IMG tags, what's the deal here? Is it just me? :shrug: