Electric fuel pump mounting location

Discussion in '1974 - 1978 Mustang II Talk & Tech' started by 76mach1, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. I would like to know where others have mounted their electric fuel pumps in a II. I know it has to be lower then the tank, just looking for ideas and/or pictures of their setups. Thanks
  2. It depends on your exhaust and fuel tank. When I had the stock tank I mounted my pump were the rear muffler would go. The car had headers and little glasspacks so the exhaust never made it back so there was plenty of room next to the tank. Now I have a cell that is mounted in the spare tire well and the pump is in the left rear corner of the trunk or hatch floor on a bracket I made to lower it. Hope this helps.
  3. Some of the guys running 5.0L engines with EFI are mounting the pump on the framerail or have modified the tank to accept the Fox in-tank setup.