Emergency! Sos! Life Or Death!

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  1. Hey i have a problem that i cant seem to identify. Here are the symptoms:
    Come and go problem
    grinding and creaking
    Occasional scary popping/breaking sound
    Sometimes slows down the car or holds it back just a bit, like a drag or like the brake is stuck even though i didnt touch the break.
    And small radiator leak at center/passenger side after i turn off car
    This is scary im not exactly sure but from inside i feel it coming from the drivers side wheel.
    Its scary because it feels like the wheel is gonna break or something which would be disasterous on the highway.
    Im gonna be driving limp mode till i fix this. A couple things to note; im no pro but i recently changed my pads calipers and rotors. Also installed an eibach swaybar, but missing the top bushing before the top nut so the swaybar is grabbing right at the nut (giggity) instead of in between 2 bushings. Also i only have 3 lugnuts on most of my wheels and idk if they even fit right. They kind of twist into the wheel. Thanks
  2. whoa?.... could be a few things but by the sounds of it?.....dont drive it!....id start by inspecting those rims and your recent work first and see if anything is going on there, then report back...
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  3. Caliper is falling off or the wheel is.
  4. All 3 lugs are tight and everything LOOKS ok. The wheel looks straight and no cracks
  5. When i did my calipers im sure i bolted everything down. Just needed to bleed brakes more because i was being rushed
  6. First off, get some lugnuts on there.
    Second, sounds like youve got a caliper thats likely loose from its mounting bracket. Check those 2 bolts
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  7. Jack it up and wiggle. If nothing pull the wheel. You gotta work a little to find the problem.
  8. Ok thanks will do. Will check back if problem is found
  9. Is this the same car you were all pissy about removing the rear bumper support for?

    Three loose wrong lug nuts on each wheel?
    Swaybar with no bushings?
    When you did the ahem ..........brake job - did you pack and correctly adjust the wheel bearing preload? Torque down the caliper bolts? The lug nuts?

    Skywalker, didn't you say you are in mechanic school and work at a machine shop?


    Do me a favor and let me know where you are driving so I'm not involved in the accident. Serious, don't drive that deathrap until it's fixed- properly.
  10. did i ask for your hijueperra opinion? Hop off hater and then they say i start :poo:
  11. Welcome to the "Where's the exit to this place club"...:rolleyes:
  12. Yes i obviously did all that :poo: the ahem brake job was done a month ago, No problems until now. I try my best! no need to put me down when im asking for help! Those were long frustrating nights of blood sweat and tears because of manufacturer errors and one rotten part breaking while fixing the other.
  13. Jrich the man you helped me start me car :)
  14. well read your list of known issues any one can be fatal...

    first, get a pack of new lug nuts
    while replacing each wheel pull it and inspect EVERYTHING you'll find the culprit and know your setup better,

    replace everything that needs it, including it sounds like bushings
    nothing you find should be super expensive,

    come back with a report of what you see, questions on what needs what, how do i etc... pics are your friend...

    these guys will help you if ask

    a little hit for what you know is f***'d and not fixing immediately is on you.
  15. Yea ill go to the junkyard saturday and get some lugnuts. Ive just been neglecting maintanence and wrench time since i just moved to my first apartment this month. Pretty broke
  16. Dont tell me you moved so you can get that stupid dog :rolleyes:
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  18. Oh please, please tell us you are pranking us 23 days late in April. If not, I fear for your life. And I suppose life insurance is nothing your budget either.
    First, fix the lugnuts so the rims and lugs are not ruined, and get the sway bar bushings. I do not know if those little parts are worth a trip to the JY over Advance auto or Oh Really's.
    Second, start checking to see what is loose, moving or binding that should not. Wheel chocks, a good jack and a jack stand are minimum safety gear here.
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  19. This has to be a troll.
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  20. [email protected] bro, take some time to look it over, take pics too so you can browse later. I always try and get pics when i can. Something may pop up later that you didn't realize. So other than that, all I got is the easiest way to line up 4 lugs, is to have two in a vertical line. Slide top lug nut on first and snug it while keeping the socket loose in the hole. Then snug the lower lug nut up while keeping the socket loose in the hole, then the outer two(horizontal ones) should go on pretty smooth, snug them up, then cross torque them. That's the easiest way :nice: ...Works Every Time.