engine has been rebuilt, only 281RWHP, what is wrong?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by mustangLover281, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. Slugs...

    Back in the day.. the 340s were killing a lot of other cars out there !! they were as fast if not faster than a lot of 440s!! the 360 with its larger cubes.. DIDNT measure up ot the earlier 340!! As far as the AAR Cuda.. I was smacking them with my 289 in my 67 Mustang.. dont let that AAR thingy think the car was special!! Did you EVER look at the exhaust??

    340s were a scary ride back then... but then I'm only 60 and I do remember the 70's !! LOL

    Just me....................Been there, bought the T-shirt!!

  2. I had a 70 swinger 340 4spd with 390's. The heads were massaged and had a purple cam. Obviously no traction off the line but still,wasnt real impressed with it. I raced an 85 or 86 5.0 Capri to 60mph.Off the line I just spun then started to catch him.If we were going to a 100 I would have caught him,but I didnt!

    Not to mention I never saw a real fast one! Heck I think the 318 Dusters could beat one!
    I think the highest HP motor the 340 made was 275!
  3. Dusters were light. Had similar wieght distribution to chevys Nova. They always made good hot rods!