engine news on 2010 ?

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  1. The MKS is a large car. It is already available, but not with the EcoTech TT V-6, just an upgraded 3.7L naturally aspirated V-6. The Lincoln version of the Fusion is the MKZ (Zephyr when it first came out).
  2. it is my understanding that the ecoboost will have only 340 hp because ford does not have a transmission for the FWD platform that will survive at 400+ hp.
  3. I'm hoping for a 5.0. Even though it won't be the same engine as the ole pushrod 5.0, ford can use it to it's marketing advantage the way Dogde has whored out it's Hemi engine
  4. That's what I was thinking the other day. They could push that and sell the heck out of them.
  5. My best guess is a stroked version of the 3V 4.6 to make it a 5.0, but knowing Ford, they may just stick it a Boss version of limited quantity and dealers will charge $40,000 for it.
  6. If they can make a 5.0 with 400hp, sell the car for under 30k and keep the weight around 3500lbs they would have another winner.
  7. Am I the only one who excited about the possibility of an ecoboost turbo 4 or 6 cylinder? A lighter, more balanced, better handling, more fuel efficient Mustang? Why the hell not?
  8. I, personally, love the idea of the twin turbo ecoboost V6. However, thats another one of Ford's rumors.

    I wonder how much power it would be capable of holding. If Ford could get the block and internals right on a V6 that could handle 400 hp and 12-15psi....that would be awesome. Doubtful but awesome
  9. V6 is good for the V6 guys but there is nothing like the sound of a V8.
  10. I am with you on that one. A turbo 4 would be awesome.
  11. I would not be surprised to see a ecoboost 4 in the mustang base model at some point.
  12. I think that would be a cool base model. If they could do a lightened model with a turbo 4 that gets 32-33 MPG or better I would be all over it.
  13. I've heard lots of rumors,

    they all indicate the engine will not be a 4.6L. They mostly indicate a 5.0 or 6.1L V8 based off the modular 4.6 and putting out 400 hp. In addition, the eco-boost engine will make it into the 2011 or 2012 mustang which will be lighter and have 425 hp, but it will be an option along side the V8 and V6 models. The base V6 is rumored to be the 3.5 or 3.7L Duratec V6 with somewhere around 270 hp.

    SOunds good all around, now to wait for this Nov launch of the entire car.
  14. I have tried to reach ford in the past to do a SVO type build of a 05+.

    Tubular front K-member and A-arms, tubular rear suspension arms
    Lightweight Fiberglass fenders, hood and decklid,
    2.5L Duratec 4 cyl, built up to handle more boost than a Mazda Speed 6
    5 speed manual T-5 (lighter and smaller than 6 speeds)
    big brakes, tight suspension, 19 inch light weight wheels, lowered
    Racing buckets with backs in fiberglass. Doors empitied and lightened with a fiberglass inside panel.
    Strip out all the sound deadener, all the excess weight.

    probably more than 330hp, and weigh quite a bit less than a GT, and return more than 30 mpg when your not on the go pedal. If the gearing in 5th is right, 35 mpg can be done.

    Now that I am launching my company, a 2010+ version might be on the horizon.

  15. Wrong ! The new 5.0 DOHC, is NOT a stroked version of the current 3V 4.6. It's a completely new designed 302 4V, that is replacing the 4.6 altogether.

    Although Ford has not officially confirmed this engine just yet. FourCam330 along with every Ford insider, has confirmed the new 5.0 4V will make 400 HP, while also getting better fuel economy over the current 4.6 3V. And will make it's debut in the 2011 Mustang GT.

    In the meantime, the current 4.6 3V, will get a bump in HP. when the 2010 arrives in March of 2009.
  16. A v6 turbo has made LOTS of power in the past with turned up boost.....GN's rock.

    I think an Ecoboost is a viable alternative, but always, always keep a v8 in the stable. Kinda like the GT model and the SVO 4cyl model of the past.
  17. You know, with the price point of the competition.... I'm getting the GT 500 if the "new engines" don't debut until the 'next' model year after the 2010 Mustang. Dodge did this with the release of the new Ram if you remember. When the "new" body style came out, you could only get the 5.9; the 5.7 wasn't available until the following year. For only $6k more than a V8 Camaro, I can have a 500HP 'Stang. If they do release the 5.0 (or whatever new varient of engine); I'll splurge for that instead. In whatever case, I'm pretty excited. The new Camaro's, Mustang's, and Dodge's are all nice vehicles... I still prefer the 'Stang for several reasons..
  18. I agree..........
    But lets see what the 2010 Stang Gt will look like first:SNSign: