Everyone's got 'em! Post up your altered Mustang pics!

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  1. It's true, i'm really bored, and when I'm bored I like to fiddle around with adobe and screw around with how my car looks.
    And I know a lot of people do the same thing... So post up all your car pics that you've altered... with whatever, adobe... microsoft paint if applicable...

    and if you haven't fiddled with these programs before with your car?
    start now, it's a good time spender, and it's entertaining

    here's one i just made:


    and here's one i did awhile back:

  2. Well, I'm not too good at photoshop, but here's some chops of my car that you guys might know of

    I didn't do these

    I messed around with the glare effects and made some neato headlights


    I'm sure there's more, but 3's enough

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  3. backstang5zy.jpg

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  4. i did this a long long time ago before i got new headlights but i made them tinted and removed my pony :-X


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  5. Did this a long time ago. I need to make a better/updated one.


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  6. Not anything too special.....


    And this one i made a while ago to boost my self esteem when i realized my car was gonna be down for almost a year :bang:

    Haha...that last pic was my desktop for a long time. And i just noticed it said "ill" instead of "will".... :lol:
  7. [​IMG]

    Drop, Darker Top, Cobra Wheels...


    Cobra Grill, I doesn't look right on my car though... I really wanted it at one time...
  8. Nice boys nice!
    Keep em comin, i've actually saved up all these pics you guys posted.

    A lot of these would make kick ass backgrounds for my desktop :nice:
  9. [​IMG]

    someone here did this for me a while back
  10. Here are a couple...

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  11. Another.

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  12. Hence you actually made the spinning tire one? I've seen that around. Always thought it would be cool to have something like that done with my car

    Wanted to see how the plate I had made for the car would look on it (I suck at PS)
    View attachment 487058

    LOL Just screwing around with PS its the Mystery Machine I had to have a pic of Scooby with it
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    Hence made this for me
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    These ones Zach(1105) made. They were all ones he did of his car but changed the colors except for the first one that was actually my car
    View attachment 487064

    View attachment 487066

    View attachment 487068

    View attachment 487070

    This one Matt(91lx) made me as a sig pic

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  13. \

    Thats sweet...i gotta do one like that once my car is back together:nice:
  14. Seems like everyone has a translucent engine pic...
    i feel left out LOL

  15. you should make a translucent vert top pic.