Everyone's got 'em! Post up your altered Mustang pics!

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  1. Caldwell what part of ontario are you in?
  2. Niagara Falls region.

    Port Elgin eh?
    hmm.... I think i drove through port elgin when i went to my cottage up in manitoulin... i can't remember anything about the city though lol!
  3. City hah more like a village. I like it here population is like 7-8000 and since it is a tourist town in the summer the population is like 30,000. Good snowmobiling in the winter too.
  4. Tell me about it!
    anywhere north of T.O. and you're looking at some serious snowmobiling..
    how do you like driving your stang around there? I took my stang to my cottage and i swore I would never do it again, only because i kept bottoming out everwhere. :notnice:
  5. Made this a long time ago, lol. Hissin50 just mentioned it yesterday, so I dug it up:

  6. That's a cool one Mansonozz
  7. HAH!

    I think I want one.
  8. I don't know what color it is, I just changed the hue of my car to find it.
  9. I put a sonic blue car right next to it and it looked the same. I have to admit tho that this one looks nicer. I don't know, I'll just have to show it to the painter and have him match it.
  10. I've been everywhere.......


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  11. It looks a little different to me...like maybe just a shade lighter than sonic blue...SB has a hint of purple to it, maybe thats what's missing from my pic.

    LOL at Aaron :lol:
  12. It's not perfect, but I still like it. :lol:

  13. hahaha niiiice you match my car quite nicely sponge bob...

  14. hahah
    ah yeah that brought back some font memories.
    just when you forget about an image, and you think it's probably dead.

    it gets resurrected.
    sweet mercy.
  15. I still think the one Urban did of aaron on the giant pecker was the funnyest of him ever
  16. Wow...Im gonna paint my car this color in years to come...is this the same as the blue on the mach 1?
  17. Read the whole thread man, I allready answered that question on page 3. ;)
  18. Someone please find and revive this picture, I think I may have missed it :lol: :lol: :eek: