Exhaust pipe size vs muffler size vs tips...

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  1. i've read a LOT about dual exhaust on this car, but there's very little info about the actual sizes you folks are using. here's my dilemma....

    i bought 2.5" flowmasters, and i've already painted them a nice black, then i got the tips in that were supposed to fit a 2.5" pipe, and they don't fit. i've got 2 separate sets - both advertised as fitting 2.5", and neither do. a minute ago on a whim i did what i shoulda done to begin with, measure the stock pipe, which looks to be 2.25"... am i right? now, the guy that's putting on the mufflers is replacing everything from the cats back with new stuff, so what's stock isn't really an issue, except i'm reading that the 2.5" pipes may hinder low-end torque. if this is the case, is it possible to go with the 2.25" pipes and keep my 2.5" mufflers? and if so, what the HELL is the deal with these bolt on tips not fitting the size they say they're supposed to fit. i've got both Gibson tips (2.5"inlet / 3"outlet) and some cheap ones (2.5"in/out), and both sets just butt flat up against the muffler pipes w/out slipping over to bolt down.

    i'd really appreaciate a little feedback here.
  2. I recently had a custom setup built for my car (You probably read the post)

    anyways .. the guy said the stock pipes were 2". .. He wound up going with 2 and a quarter inch pipes on mine with 40 series flowmasters of I believe the same size.. The end result is very pleasant. I have more power in the 4000 RPM range and it sounds better then any of the prefab kits I have heard so far.

    With tips I am pretty sure you have to size them up .. cus if the inlet on the tip is 2.5 it won't fit over a pipe that is exactly the same size .. I mean but if the box says it fits a 2.5" pipe then thats another story .. But I am thinking that might not be the case.
  3. I think they are 2.25 stock. Everyone here has just stuck with the stock size, if i remember correctly.
  4. if ur problem is that the tips don fit, i think u have to weld them on to the flowmasters. i got the 40 series in my car and they had to weld the tips on, they didnt just fit on.