Exterior body parts for 1978 mustang II COUPE

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  1. Not quite.

    Hatchback production in all variants was 373,745 versus coupe production of 733,973

    More hatches are kept alive and fixed up because most people find them to be better styled than the coupes. Lack of an "image" coupe probably didn't help, either.
  2. Back to the side skirts......I have some old side pipe covers from my 98 that I'm going to have to cut down about 2.5 inches to get it to fit, but it would look great on a II.

    I'd take some pics, but I have the hood/fenders/bumper off of the car, so I can't really mock stuff up right now
  3. NAH Dont sell it there are lots of Georgeous Coupes... for example...


    There are many more, cant wait to see yours finished.
  4. i dont think i ever mentioned selling it, but more or less stating it sucks i got a coupe instead of a hatch. love the pics of those coupes you sent me....really gave me more hope...along with this HOT coupe pic achey.jpg

    PS-that front spoiler really does the coupes justice...

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  5. PPS-how did that dude with the white car you posted cover up his rear windows?

  6. I really like the spoiler and stripes but I probably couldn't pull that off with a v6 huh? I do like that spoiler though. I see he painted or powdercoated the marker bezels and all the trim white. Interesting.

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  7. Looks to me like the white coupe was a ghia with opera windows. Some welding and lead work. By the way, Cobra II front air dams and valance work just fine on 74's. I installed both item from Ford in 1985.

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  8. yeah i bought the front spoiler from mustangsunlimited.com its a new fibreglass spoiler for $45 or something. pretty good deal compared to what used ones are on ebay. anyways yeah i bought it and the install kit from them. tha front spoiler really helps the look of those coupes
  9. PS-i dont know what the front air dam/valance are. i always thought the valance was the other name for the front spoiler. so i am lost to what the front air dam is...except the thing that the King cobra II had on.
  10. also do they make better dorr handles. mine are the door handles with little lines going horizontal over the whole handle. would like a handle with a more flat look...not all bumpy. i checked at mustangunlimited.com and they sell handles but dont have a pic of them

  11. The valance is the black plastic piece the spoiler attaches to.
  12. SHOOT! so i need some other peice!? i dunno what i am doing here! this is what i bought....


    and I pray i dont need another part for it to fit.

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  13. See the first line or so in post #2 of this thread.

    Your valance may be there, it may not. Valances had a high mortality rate.

    If the valance is there it may be useable, then again it may not. If it's there and not useable it may be fixable. Then again , maybe not.

    Anyway it works out I hear even with a perfect car the glass spoilers take a bit of work and fitment to get them on and looking right.
  14. line 2 of the second post "I hope your good with an array of tools."

    PS-I am SORRY, i did mention selling it. hahaha my bad. i said i might as well sell it than someone said dont sell it and i said i dont remmeber saying i was gonna sell it. man i am braindead. Its because I always post LATE at night and i am all tired and stuff. my bad
  15. If I remember that's a Shelby front apron mounted up in place of the front bumper.

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  16. yeah thats what that dude's info about the car says.
  17. Darth, the valance is the piece under the bumper. It comes on every II. If you got a car with a spoiler, the spoiler bolts to the valance and the corner of the fenders.

    On the 76-mid 77s, the valance was body color. On the 77.5-78s, most cars had them black (at least the Cobra's did).

    You can use a 75 valance as well, but you can't use one from a 74 (different nose).

    There were also two kinds of valance, one with brake ducts, one without. Either will work.

    You car may or may not have one. They were often cracked up and broken off.

    Below is a picture of my 76. You can see how the spoiler and valance are two parts:


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  18. yeah i see the spoiler hooked onto the front bumper. anyways thanks for the help guys. this thread is very hepful
  19. The spoiler does not attach to the bumper. The spoiler attaches to the valance. The valance is in between the bumper and the spoiler (from a front view). The valance is the part that in my pic looks like the top of the spoiler. It's the white part above what looks like a parting line. That's a seperate piece from the spoiler.
  20. this is the front view of my stang. i see some dark black piece under the bumper. does that look like it :)