F-350 gas (5.4) where to buy dual exhaust

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by 9646gt, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. My buddy has a 99 f350 gas 5.4 that he wants to get dual exhaust installed on. Where should I look? I am used to modding cars! I need some good online stores as well as if you can recommend a nice affordable (under 500) system. Right now it has the factory system but he want's duals out the rear and quite a bit louder. Thanks for the help
  2. You may check the basic rags like Summit Racing or Jegs. I'm not sure about the F350, and if there's anything different about it that would affect the exhaust setup, but I know they have kits for F-150's and F-250's. Can't verify if they are true-dual exhausts or just dual-exit (single split into two), but you really won't gain a whole lot in going to duals over just a large single - it's mostly just a looks/sound thing, more than a performance issue.

    Depending on whether it has dual cats or just a single cat, you could have an exhaust shop fab up whatever you want for about the same cost (or less) as a cat-back, too, and have them weld on whatever kinda muffler you want. :shrug:
  3. Found a dual exit single muffler by Gibson. Pretty decent brand?
  4. Heard good reviews on Gibson over on some other forums, as far as sound. Dunno anything about their fit or longevity, though, honestly...