f303 cam vs Anderson n41 cam?

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  1. In wondering about switching to the Anderson n41 cam. I currently have a f303 in my car. The car is a 93 lx, edelbrock performer heads and intake thats mildly ported. Stock bottom end, 24lb injectors, long tubes and undecided midpipe. I called Anderson and told them my setup and they suggested the n41 cam. My question is the f cam has the exact same lift as the n41 and all the other cam specs are very close from cam to cam. The f cam being just a little bigger in duration and lobe seperation. Would it be worth it to switch them?
  2. what are you trying to accomplish? there is a lot more to a cam than LSA and peak lift. the f cam is going to open in the intake 3* earlier and closes 1* later. the AFM cam opens the exhaust 7* later and closes it 11* later than the f cam. so mostly the difference is in the exhaust. i personally think in a perfect scenario the N41 would probably be faster at the track. but if you dont race it and dont want to spend $ on valvetrain and a good valvejob its probably not worth changing.
  3. I'm intending on racing it this year. The I already have the trick flow spring kit installed. I'm trying to get the most out of my heads and intake and motor for that matter. I realize it can only produce so much, but like I said I'm just trying to make it as fast as possible n/a with what I have.
  4. exactly which valve spring kit are you running? because 'good for .550" lift' or whatever some places advertise doesnt necessarily mean you can use the same springs. how many miles do your lifters and heads have on them? exactly which intake are you running? what valves are in the heads? the reason i am asking all these questions is because the chain is only as strong as the weakest link, and if you dont have everything covered and dont want to spend the $ to do it right a new cam might not do anything and in that case its a waste of $.
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  5. I believe the heads have the 1.9 intake and the 1.6 exhaust. Ill double check it tonight. They have the edelbrock springs rated to 575 lift. and the whole setup has 6k miles on it maybe a little less.I appreciate you asking. I should have put all that in the original post
  6. I ran the tfs stage 1 for a few years and just recently went to the n41 camshaft. The seat of the pants difference is none. Haven't had a chance to really get it to the track with the new cam. I know its not apples to apples, but the anderson cam was close to the tfs cam when comparing lift and duration. What i'm trying to say is that it may not be worth the time and money. Joe
  7. if everything is in good condition it might help a little. generally you will get more out of suspension and, gear and tire than will out of a cam swap. what kind of times is the car running now?

    probably 10 years ago i did a set of gt40y heads, gt40 intake (port matched lower to fel pro 1250), and an f cam install on a high mileage stock shortblock that was in a buddies car. at 3200lbs it went [email protected] on motor in the 1/8 mile with high 1.5 second 60' times. thats a high 11 second quarter mile no matter how you cut it and that setup only made 290rwhp. a lot of the performance is in the suspension, gear and driving it aggressively.
  8. Its been close to two years since ive had it at the track and the setup has changed since then. So I cant honestly say what this setup runs. Its getting 4:10.s and mosers at the moment and all new rear suspension. The front has tubular k and coil overs already. I think ill leave the cam for the next motor. I already have the Anderson because I was going to use it in a motor in a different car and I was curious. Maybe ill go with a manual rack and an electric water pump instead.
  9. If you already have it, and don't mind spending $50 on gaskets and fluids, then go for it. I was considering the 4 or 5 hours install time, coupled with a $300 camshaft and all the extras needed to install it. The Anderson cams have a great reputation, I just wouldn't expect great gains from it and didn't think it would be worth the money or trouble if you were having to buy it.

  10. I run the n41 in my car after switching out the e cam. Needed the double springs, steel thrust plate and dizzy gear for the billet stick which was a bit expensive for minimal power gains. Sounds killer though.
  11. This goes exactly with what clement is saying. You cant always just stick a cam in and expect it to perform to its potential. You need to get with the cam manufacturer and ask them what spring pressure the cam needs, then test the springs to find out at what installed height the spring produces that pressure. The next step from there would either shim the springs, or order a retainer that will get you to the proper spring height.

    If the person supplying you the cam says "Those .600 lift springs will be just fine." Dont ask anymore questions, hang up the phone, and call someone that has a clue as to what they are selling you next time you buy a cam.
  12. All things considered I would go with the Anderson cam. Rick has done his homework with cams and i'm really happy with my N91.
  13. Tell me, what will he gain? The cam already in is similar spec, so o don't see him gaining anything. I think the time and money can be spent elsewhere.

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  14. I'm thinking ill set the cam aside for my next build. I have a fresh block on a stand that's asking for a 331 lol. Or maybe ill find someone local that wants to trade for other parts lol. Thanks guys
  15. i would bet the anderson cam would degree closer to the cam card than the F cam. that being said....

    exactly, because about the time you go with that youll have a .590 lift cam on a 1.78 installed height, and your '.600 lift' springs will go into coil bind at 1.25", so by the time the lifter gets near the nose of the cam that bitch is already binding. lol
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  16. yep, my "cam swap" consisted of a new cam, opening the spring pockets so the proper sized spring cup could be used, new springs, new retainers, new pushrods, and new head gaskets cause the head had to come off.

    Nothing is simple if the job is done right.
  17. Oh, well I wasn't debating that...I just read F cam vs. N41 cam and replied :lol:
  18. Lol right on
    I have a tfs1 cam I'm partial to, just wish it was installed, had it new for 8 months

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  19. I know this is old but i just bought a n41 and a f303 for 200 for the pair. Brand new. Only had 500 miles between the two of them. I have aluminum twested wedge heads 1.6 rrs typhoon intake. Im putting it in a 92 f150 302 xxx block. I have lifters out of some 90-95 gt idk id have to ask the guy who have them to me.. My question is:
    To put this together. What length push rods will i need do i need different lifters. With it being a truck motor an auto at that do i need to change the crank and harm bal. It has the aluminum pistons stock in it. Im just trying to figure out what all i have left to get and what size i will need let me know please. Always know i can get great help from yall stangnet guys & gals.
  20. You need to measure your pushed length to be sure. You "should" be OK with stock length. Your valve springs would be what I question as well.
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