Fender Flaring?

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  1. Sorry It toook so long to reply, I had a screw up with MAS so I put things off and work has been crazy/nuts for me (do contract work for Disney), anyway things should slow down this month and will try to get some more pics up hopefully soon.:canada:
  2. That's the flares I'm after. Nice.
    I'm running 275/40ZR17s on the back, (11.5" tread width, the Cobra R wheel is about 10") and I just barely got them to fit in there, after trimming the flare lip, but I want to go wider. I'm thinking 315 or even 335/40s after those flares.

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  3. I like flares too, but I don't really care for the style of just about all of the ones tha tyou have posted EXCEPT for the ones on the Monza. Those are the style of flares i like. What is that style called? Standard flares?
    I assume yours are the "bubble flare" because they bubble out at the top and then taper back in down at the bottom/rocker area. I don't really care for those too much.
    Are ones like on that Monza available for a II?

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  4. just looking for 393BOSS. did you ever get the stage 3 flairs? if so could you tape them on and post some pics, please:nice:
  5. Flares

    Hi Manny, I just started to check this forum out again, everything/my life has been on hold as I am just finishing up a/my divorce. I am really hoping to get my poop together by summer, take some time and build something again for myself. Lots of snow and cold here right now so I don't have any new pics for you right now. when I do, don't worry, I will post them.
  6. sorry to hear about the big D but it does happen. i hope you both handled it well and are both ready to move on. i cant get mad at a fellow II owner so when you do have a chance to take some pics i would love to see them :nice: