~Few New Pics Of My Car~

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  1. It was nice today here in Dallas and I have been sick all week and started to feel a little better so I thought I would go out and take some new pictures of my car.

    For those wondering, my wheels are True Forged Chicane RS 18 X 9 w/ 265-35-18's front and 18 X 10 w/ 295-35-18's rear and Goodyear GS-D3 tires.

    Pictures taken with my Nikon D80 with my Nikkor 55-200mm 1:4-5.6G lens.

    Let me know what you think?
  2. Love your car man. I'm going to get a Terminator one day.
  3. What kind of wax do you use? That shine is unreal:nice: Looks like I have a new desktop pic now:)
  4. Thanks man.

    I use Clearkote's Carnauba Moose Wax.
  5. Thats some fairly expensive wax. I see you have to use a cleaner wax first then use the Moose wax. Is it mail order only or can you pick it up in a store? Very soon I will be adding a Mystic Cobra (if I can find one with the right mods for the right price) to the stable and want to keep a shine like yours on it. After several months of being wishy washy on Corvettes and Lightnings and GTOs it was your car that made my dad decide he positivley wants a Terminator. Beautiful car and hopefully in a couple months we can get together with my Cobra and dads Cobra to meet up with you and see that beast in person:nice:
  6. Expensive? I did not think so. :shrug:

    It was just the last step of a process I used. Here's what I did.

    1) Wash http://www.specialtymotoring.com/ck-1001.html
    2) Clay Bar http://www.specialtymotoring.com/pb-1046.html
    3) SSR 1 on an orange pad, Porter Cable Buffer @ speed 6. http://www.specialtymotoring.com/pb-1012.html
    4) Red Moose Machine Glaze on a blue finishing pad, PC @ speed 4 http://www.specialtymotoring.com/ck-1021.html
    5) Carnauba Moose Wax applied by hand on a sponge pad. http://www.specialtymotoring.com/ck-1014.html

    If I were to do it different I would use Menzerna Nano 106ff instead of the SSR1. http://www.specialtymotoring.com/mz-1011.html

    It's a better compound.

    I have only found these products online. I have not found too many good products off the shelf that give me the look I was after.

    Hope this explains it OK.

    It will be great to meet you and your dad one of these days. :cheers:
  7. Beautiful car, those big rear tires look sexy
  8. That is cheap for 16oz. I am used to paying 35-40 per quart for rubbing stuff I use. I think you car looks great with that stuff...but I doubt 1 oz. will do an entire SUV as stated in the ad.
  9. That car looks freakin awesome!!
  10. That is a super clean car man. I may do a similar type of system in the spring when I unveil my new look on my cobra.
  11. Thanks all. :cheers:
  12. car looks great bro... what size rims do you have on the back of the car?
  13. wow, ive NEVER stepped foot in this section... nor do i own a Cobra... but let me tell you, real glad i clicked this link. ur car is just UNBELIEVABLE! looks even better with those rims, excellent choice. i gotta say, i love the last picture the best!
  14. :stupid: Jesus man, your car = sechs on wheels. Nice photos too btw.
  15. You have one hot looking Cobra, .cept I'm not digging the wheels but that just me. That shine you have going on is unbelievable, I may have to try Clearkote products sometime :nice: :nice:
  16. Very Sexy. How about some back end pics.
  17. See the top of the first post. :nice:

    Thanks man.


    Thanks. The wheels are not for everyone, but even these pictures don't do them justice.

    I just took some more today with my new filter on my lens. I will post them up tomorrow.
  18. Very nice Stang :nice:
  19. Shiny! Looks like you even amorall'd the lip!
  20. I need my shades to look at that...nice