SOLD Fi Tech Go 8 Fuel Injectyion System

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  1. i currently have a FI Tech Go 8 fuel injection system for sale. Refer to the FI ztech webpage for details ( This unit is currently on my 85 that has a normally aspirated stock block 302. It is way more than this little engine needs. If my car was turbo’d or had a built 351, this would be perfect for it.

    The Go 8 will support up to 1300hp using 8 75lb injectors. It has a built in fuel pressure regulator, can control timing and has tuning software that can be accessed through the hand held controller.

    Asking $700 for the system. This unit retails for $1496 new. It is on my car and running right now.


    Call Jim 214.912.9577 or text.

    North Richland Hills, Tx 76182
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  2. Noobz. I’ve updated this twice. It’s sold. I hit the tab. What more can I say?


  3. The tag on it is showing that it's SOLD. You're good to go. Are you still getting emails about it?