Build Thread Finally Got Some Work Done - 56k Death

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 1991vert, May 3, 2007.

  1. i really like those valve covers, are they chromed or just amazingly polished?
  2. chromed and they're REALLY dirty lol
  3. Good looking car ya got there. Any 1/4 times?
  4. hopefully i get to run it this summer. it'll be a few weeks until my engine returns home and i can install the blower. it better be fast with all of this $$$ im dumping in :rlaugh:
  5. Street car and how are you going to pass MA emissions! If i could pass with a lot of mods i would throw a turbo on.
  6. Well after next year our cars are emissions exempt...
  7. why wouldn't a healthy running 347 pass inspection? im going to see if i can get them to do a N/A tune for me and just cut the flow of the injector down for inspection purposes. the FAST xfi can hold up to 4 tunes and you can switch to any of them with the flip of a switch
  8. i still have to grind down the welds right there, then use some filler. it's pretty much all set except for boxing the passenger side. this is my first attempt at welding. i dont think it came out too bad at all. i threw some primer on the bare metal so it wouldn't rust.


    it's kept me busy. just gotta wait until i get my motor back and run some intercooler tubing. then the car goes out for paint!

  9. New England is definately getting some nice cars this year. Seems everyone is doing motors, engine bays, and new paint! Nice work, thumbs up from me!
  10. thanks :) i've been meaning to do this, but just haven't had time. i was bored and had no engine to work on so i figured hey, why not :D
  11. Why are you taking the motor apart already??? Wasn't it just built?

    I haven't had the best luck with the MSD's either, if you have a ARP oil pump drive shaft in the motor becareful and make sure you check the clearance, I usally have to trim up the dist to get proper clearance. One reason I switched to a Ford Racing shaft on customers stuff, it has a longer relief.
  12. damn clean looking setup you have there!
  13. motor was built last year around this time. maybe it hasn't even been a year yet. anyways, the original builder gave me a headache when he was off 2-3 teeth on the timing chain. it bent all 8 exhaust pushrods. then the motor was leaking from the oil pan and it looked like coolant was seeping from the head. for $400 this guy who builds race engines would tear it down, check everything and put it back together, which was worth it for the peace of mind before i put the supercharger on it. surprisingly, he said the rotating assembly was beautiful. he had everything laid out on a table when i went up there and explained everything to me. he asked me if i would be interested in boring it out some more because if i did, now's the time to do it. i agreed and went ahead with it. ordered up some custom diamond dished pistons and away we go :flag:
  14. Wow, thats a lot of work you got going on there. Any power numbers for it, or power expectations. A friends 352 (Dart block 302) all motor threw 410 rwhp down. I would assume your NA motor should be close to that and with the blower is going to be crazy fast!
  15. im hoping 650-700, anymore would be a bonus lol.

    i hope i can control this sucker on the street:D
  16. Good luck :crazy:

    I've got my helmet for my ride ready to go ;)
  17. [​IMG]

    :shrug: :rlaugh:
  18. Haha, 600-700 is a goal. Well Ill have to take a ride in it then as well!