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Aug 29, 2017
After lurking for some time, reading widely across the web, and giving considerable thought to what I am trying to accomplish, I am diving in with a request for advice on buying my first Mustang.

I am after a 1969 or 1970 fastback, but am NOT pursuing the elusive Boss 302. I will be the first to admit that it has been a long time since I have touched a wrench or split a knuckle on some frozen bolt and I am more interested in finding something that has "mostly" been restored. I am definitely up for interior work, hunting down elusive pieces (if needed) and working with someone who can provide advice on mechanicals, frame, body and so on. I am also not pursuing a show car or a purists view of restoration -- I will likely go to disc brakes and electronic ignition, for example.

I have come across two local cars I find interesting. The first is a 1970 coupe (not a fastback) with a 302 that has been updated with Edelbrock Performer cam, manifold, and carburetor, and electronic ignition. The body has been brought back to like new as the owner is an expert welder and painter. I have seen and driven the car and his work is beautiful, although I sadly do not like the "modern" grabber orange color and am considering what is involved in repainting it.

The second is a 1970 mach 1 with a completely rebuilt Windsor 351. I have only seen photos of the car and the work and know that it will need a number of fixes right away. This includes a new rim blow horn ring, a small leaks in the power-steering and center seal in the rear end. And it needs to be painted. It does not have electronic ignition or disc brakes, but I was told that brakes, tie rods, etc are all new since the restoration. This car is about 2.5 hours away so it will be some scheduling to go see it.

I know most anything can be changed, but I am wondering primarily about the two engines -- the 302 vs the 351 -- plus whatever else I have not considered and is a trap into which I might be walking? Based on the above, thoughts or suggestions as to how to best proceed? Thanks for your patience with this rather long post.
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The 351 is a great motor ,and so is the 302 when built right but cant go wrong with either . 69 -70s are more expensive to buy and work on than the older years ,but they have more room and handle better .just check them over well for hard to see rust like in the frame rails ,trunk ,torque boxes and under side of the cowl ,all expensive places to have to repair.
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Aug 29, 2017
The 351 has been completely rebuilt, while the 302 has been partially, but the compression test was perfect. Apparently the fastback does not have matching engine and transmission numbers, but given that I am not going to show the car, I assume it is not a problem. Both cars were taken down to nothing and rebuilt, so there is zero rust or rot. I do wonder about ongoing issues with the power steering in the fastback, but I do prefer this model over the coupe.
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