First time ever at the track!

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  1. Went to NYIRP last weekend. Ran the stang 3 times with a best of 15.02 @ 94.3 with 3/4 tank of 87 octane and 2 people in the car on factory 2.73's and street tires. Track temp 81 deg.

    mods include: headers (shorty), high flow cats, catback with resonator style mufflers, cold air, underdrives, E303 cam

    is that a decent time with that info given?

    oh's a 95 GT
  2. Hell no first off get those extra peeps OUT the car you should be around 14.5 maybe faster are you 5 speed or auto???
  3. For every 100 pounds removed from the car you should gain about .1 in the 1/4. You should be around 14.6-14.7 then. Get some gears and sticky tires and that should really help.
  4. They let you race with two people in the car?
  5. At my track they allow passengers if your slower than 13.9
  6. Around here they only allow one passenger. :shrug:

    *** :doh: i thought he meant he had 2 passengers. Maybe he meant 2 people, 1 driver, 1 passenger. :shrug:
  7. You might be right. Im not sure if they allow mroe than one. :shrug:

    But even ONE is too much!!!
  8. Man that suck's i hope i do better then that iam 5000 above sea level will see what happan's