first true dyno of a 2011GT

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  1. John lund, the tuner for Evolution could be considered a rocket scientist. He is great tuner and tunes all of Evolutions cars including their 7 second gt500. I do not doubt that he could tune it but doubt that he did tune it yet.
  2. Well said bill..

    The biggest mistake I think people make is they get caught up in dyno number bragging rights. I feel the proper way to build a car is from the suspension up..
  3. I have a little meeting with a camaro club at bowling green may 21st. just fun not a challenge. but i will be ready. not going to embarrass myself. weight reductions, drag radials, off road x-pipe, and suspension mods before i go. suspenson and drag radials being the most important. i want the car to have a factory feel, so no radical suspension stuff like the one i have now. tokico adjustables for sure.
  4. 425rwhp is easily mid 11's with a well setup 1980-2011 stang.

    evolution is doing a poll of the expectation for the dyno of the 2011gt with off road X and minimal tune. i said 387/362, but the SMS is rated at that with the stock restrictive cat pipe. 2.25" pipes in the catpipes. Ford did it for torque. add 2.75" piping all the way back and it might make more.

    The sms is rated at 385rwhp(440 crank)/ 360rwtq(400crank). sms only replaced the catback. there is a restrictive place in the catback, but the real hold up is the cat pipes themselves.

    now i think 450hp/410tq(393rwhp/365rwtq) with tune and all new exhaust.
  5. What are you shooting for? What are you expecting from your passes(launch, clutch technique, shift points, etc)? Do you think it will be an easy car to drive?

    We have a group going out the 21st as well. Hopefully, we can stay around 1500ft DA.
  6. I'm off that day! :banana:
  7. i dont really have expectations for times. im going to run it locally to figure out what it likes. i do know ill have to shift it early, the tach doesnt keep up very well they say. the limiter is 6900 and peak is 6500.

    i wanna make sure i have drag radials for the race. 12.4 would be a good start. da will decide it for me though.
  8. the new delivery date is the 11th. i will not have time to add boltons before the 22nd. ill just have to race with DR's.
  9. What tires/size are you running?
  10. i getting 94-98 16x7.5 rims and using 255 60 r 16 et street radials or hoosier DOT pros.
  11. THIS X 1000!!

    Big dyno numbers are just bragging rights if you haven't put any $$ into the suspension. IMO, I'm glad that the first mods for these new 5.0's are all suspension related. That's what the car needs.

    475whp is plenty of power for the stock suspension. Now... upgrade the control arms, shocks/struts and pop some wider wheels on the back so the car hooks up hard on the street and THEN it'll be time to make more power.