first true dyno of a 2011GT

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  1. DAMN! 370 on a mustang dyno, bone stock, is serious horsepower. That really is amazing.

    I wonder how much is left on the table for the basic bolt-ons (also wonder if they were running it on premium or not). Very impressive.
  2. That is amazing. If I could swing the payment I would throw my car away.
  3. Very impressive. Ford delivers.
  4. Bill, don't you recieve your vehicle in the next week or so?
  5. because of the delay, my delivery is may 7.
  6. I spoke with a dealer today and they advised that it would be in June until they have them on their lot. Gives me time to get a down payment ready
  7. Im kind of new to cars but theres one thing thats been bugging me since joining this forum.... How does HP translate into RWHP? I thought if a rear wheel drive car had 500 horse power, it would also have 500 rear wheel horse power but i guess not so much?
  8. :nice:
  9. there are losses in the drive train from friction and momentum losses.

    it isnt a set percentage exactly, but it is close, if you figure it that way.

    friction coeficients of the engine, transmission, wheel bearings, differentials, universal joints all add up. things like tire friction losses. the higher rate if accleration that you try to accelerate an object, the more energy it takes to accelerate it.

    the drivetrain can be considered a fixed percentage for the most part, but inertial losses vary with horsepower.

    numbers like 12-15 percent are used a lot to describe losses that are not that simple.

    numbers like 20-25 percent are thrown around for automatic transmissions. while a 4wd truck can have losses greater than 25percent.

    a 300hp f-150 can put out as low as 225rwhp.
    a 305hp(underrated) mach1 290ish rwhp.
    300hp 05 GT 269rwhp
    lapped and polished rear end gears can drop frictional losses by a few percent. lower weight synthetic fluids help also.
  10. a typical 6 speed 500hp at the crank car usually runs 437-460rwhp.
  11. Bill explained it well. Since you are new, don't get too caught up in dyno numbers. It's just a tuning tool and also to get a baseline of what the car is doing. Dyno's will vary(mustang,dynojet, land&sea, etc), each brand will vary within itself slightly. Different dyno's take different variables in to effect. Generally, the mustang dyno will dyno slightly less than a dynojet. Then, racing a car is a whole nother story. Never take a dyno for how fast a car is at the track.
  12. Very well said.

    Rough numbers I've always heard:
    RWD = 15% loss
    FWD = 20% loss
    AWD = 25% loss

    Add 5% loss for auto.
  13. understand you dont race a dyno number. i know countless dyno queens that lose to far less powerful cars every single race.

    get as much as you can put down and no more. if you cant afford a suspension to handle 9 second passes, dont build a 900hp car.

    everyone like to brag a little. were on here for that very purpose. but dyno numbers wont get good ET's necessarily.

    how many 425rwhp cars are running mid 12's in here. a bunch. light car, huge torque, and bad ET's. losing to all motor 310rwhp well setup 12.0 second cars. and losing every time they ever race them.

    putting every HP down is an art form. and its more expensive than the motor.
  14. Thanks for the explanation everyone.

    With that said, these new cars are beasts, i cant wait to start seeing them out on the roads
  15. Evolution Performance, Inc. [email protected] 1.80 60ft - We could have launched the car harder because it bogged off the line, but the 60ft is still decent! Track is closed, more testing tomorrow!

    the mods to the car are suspension control arms to stop wheel hop and grag radials. this is stock power and drag radials. the car ran 12.85 @ 111 with a 2.0 60' with stock tires.

    the car is a loaded option car. 3885 race weight with driver and full tank of gas.
  16. I read about it on another forum as well. One member advised there was a tune on the car? I can't access facebook while at work to check the link though :(
  17. I was pumped because that run was against ME!!! :D
  18. i highly doubt they can tune the car yet. change the rev limit maybe. its going to take a rocket scientist to learn the tables.
  19. my car already has gears. the immediate goal is to get 11's on drag radials and bolt-ons. i have no doubt the first time i run it with DR's i will get near the 12.5 of their car. depending on conditions.