fog lamps

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  1. I agree. I like the bigger fogs more than the pony package offering.

  2. and thats fine, i just cant see cutting the bumper and craming the larger grill in the bumper when we have so may other options now.
  3. You and no one else will ever notice. If you want to spend more, that's fine. But I guarantee no one except you will ever know.
  4. well here is a close up of the lipe could you post a close up of yours every time someone has this debate the pic is far away and does not show the overhang.



  5. Look at my avatar. In my opinion thats the only wauy to do it if you want the GT foglights.

    I installed the bumper and grill with all oem parts down to every push pin, nut, and bolt. Except for the window tint and mirror inserts my 05 is all Ford.
  6. thank you, if your going to use the gt grill use the gt bumper but then you need the rockers and the rear bumper as well.
  7. Most of the Kits avaliable are not exactly plug and play. They do require a little wiring knowledge. The days of plug and play are gone for the Mustang. I should know I added the pony grill to my 06. I didn't use an aftermarket kit. I used the factory wiring. Installing the switch, fuse, relay, grill, and wiring harness was the easy part. What was difficult is finding a dealer that knows how to program the smart junction box to enable the fog lights. The lighting is computer controlled now, so just installing the hardware doesn't make them work. Now the aftermarket kits bypasses the computer, but you have to splice into the harness in a couple of places and pass through the firewall (at leaset on the Ford Kit). For those wanting to upgrade from the pony grill to the GT you will need to change the connectors on the harness. they use different bulbs.