For Sale: 1991 Convertible Mustang 2.3 Turbo Project

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  1. I'm selling my 1991 Mustang Convertible Turbo project for personal reasons. However, my loss is your gain.

    I bought the car a two years ago for $1200 and put a new top on for $1000.

    I've had over $1000 in maintenance/repairs done to it for items like suspension and tires, etc.

    When the original engine went, I purchased an amazing rebuilt 2.3 turbo engine longblock for $1300. The engine comes from an 1988 Thunderbird Turbocoupe and was built for racing with more than $3000 worth of work in it, with many high performance parts from Esslinger. It is also ported and polished. I have all the receipts from the person who built the engine. This includes the wiring harness and the ECU. It's a monster.

    I also have a rear axle with disc brakes for this as well.

    So, that's close to $5000 invested and now I don't have the resources to finish the project.

    Other things you should know: The car has about 105k miles on it. It is a 4 speed automatic (it has an A4LD transmission), which will make it a great cruiser. The original engine and transmission are already out of the car.

    The car does need cosmetic work: There are a few minor digs that need to be addressed, the weatherstripping needs to be replaced, it needs a new paint job, the interior door panel/armrests pads need to be replaced, and the seats could use new padding.

    This is a project, but all the parts are there for a really amazing and rare 2.3 liter 4 cylinder turbo convertible mustang (think Mustang SVO, Thunderbird Turbocoupe, Merkur XR4Ti) that will out perform and out handle most any other mustang on the street and get great gas mileage at the same time.

    Please email or call Barry anytime at 202-436-9829. Serious inquiries only please. I really need to sell this quickly.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.