Suspension Ford's Dumbbell

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  1. The case could easily be made that I am on the slow side. However, it is a FACT that Ford has serious cognitive deficiencies at times. While this thread could be under a "weight reduction" heading if one existed, the following dumb fact does affect suspension to one degree or another.

    94-95 vert guys, this one is for you. When Ford designed our cars they deemed it necessary to add a 25 pound weight to the front end of our car! Their reason was that this weight was supposed to reduce cowl shake over 70 or 90mph; I'm unclear as to which one.

    In the passenger side front fender well there is an iron cylinder that literally weighs 25 pounds! It is attached by 2 bolts. Gentlemen, this is useless ballast. Please feel free to remove it with extreme prejudice. Although, be careful. Do not drop it on your head or extremities. This dumbbell literally says "caution 25lbs." It will cause a flesh wound upon impact.

    You want a free weight reduction that in no way impacts the functionality of your daily driver and helps reduce sprung weight? Here it is. This may not be news to you, but it was to me.
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  2. Or just don't buy a vert.

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  3. Yes, they are heavier. This is my 1st vert in 7 total mustangs I've owned. I have to say, even in SoCal I do not drop the top that much. I like the car. I just think its silly to add cast iron weights throughout the car. Did you know about this 25 pounder, Kurt? Crazy.
  4. Yeah, there is a whole weight reduction thread that covers the dumbbell on this website somewhere.

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  5. How do I search it?
  6. This is OLD news. The 1968 Camaro convert had the same 25lb weights in the front corners of the car, just behind the head lamp bucket assemblies. It was over 50lbs of weight by the time you removed the weights and brackets.
  7. It may be old news, but I'm new to verts. I've always had fox body coupes.
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  8. It seems that the easy way out for engineers is to have the Moto "if it shakes add weight"
  9. Upvoting my friend joe because he took the time to share something he found. Whether or not it's "old news" it's still sharing information, and it's news to someone. You'd think by now absolutely everything about a Classic's already been discussed and posted online and you'd probably be right, but cars change hands and new members join all the time. So rather than knock a guy for taking the time to post something informative, please do the same.
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  10. Thanks, man. As you observed, I'm just trying to help someone else out.
  11. This information is also in the 94-95 GT / GTS / Cobra Specific sticky at the top of this page.
  12. I thought he just wrote up the rant because he dropped it on himself. Haha, just kidding.
  13. It's a damper. It has a purpose. It's simlilar to the dampers installed in some office high-rise buildings in asia to protect against earthquakes.
  14. I see. Well, its off the car and at my friend's shop. So far everything has been okay w/o it. Although I have not hit the 90mph that it usually comes into play (or is it 70?). I also have a fiberglass hood and sub frames so maybe the cowl isn't going to shake w/o the weight?
  15. hopefully, no earthquake at said friends house