Fox Body And Window Louvers?

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  1. guys ive been searching for about 30mionutes for window louver pictures or anything for a 87-93 mustang. i found a plastic one for a coupe?? on American muscle i would think a hatchback would look better than a coupe if at all..
    i see them for sale for the rear on ebay for big money but my main gola is to see side window louvers if they exist i cant even find a pic! i woul like to see what a foxbody with rear and side louver look like! at least just the side since ive seen a few rear ouvers on a hatchback.....
    btw, i cannot believe how bad the 05+ mustang flood the after market parts. fox stuff jsut doesnt pop up like it use too!
  2. I don't ever remember seeing side window louvers on a Fox. :shrug:
  3. I've never seen them online or irl. :shrug:
  4. ok so side ones have never been done?
    iknow its a big quarter window? but look at the 05+ mustangs, which also have a very large window. so someone has never tried or produced the side louvers?
  5. don't completely disagree. but you never know?
    i would like to see some pics of some foxes with the rear louvers or something. i love the look on the older cars and yes even on the ever so playing out s197's....
  6. i personally like the look of the rear window louver on the hatchback look the best..i was thinkin of gettin one too..but i is old school
  7. There is a silver hatchback in the town next to me that has the rear window ones. I drive by it almost every day. I think it looks really good.
  8. I fathomed this before, if they do it something like this in black it might work. :shrug: I cant imagine it looking good any other way, and I have a pretty vivid imagination.
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    Now if they were painted, scoop design, or louver design then I'm kinda sure it would look like booty. :puke:

    I think the quarter windows are one of the coolest design features on the fox; aero and four eye. Personally I wouldn’t mess with it.
  9. Louvers look great on GT's :D



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  10. that looks nasty.....can you see out the window

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  11. NASTY!!! where is lynn with that ban stick. your crazy man. lol aaron car is beautifull. i would give up any fox i have or ever had for it.

  12. NASTY mean LOOKS SICK guy damn...i got a gt i like the way it looks bro...apparently u dont know lingo words
  13. Nasty? Hope you are saying that in a good way!
    Can see perfectly out of the back window. The way they line up against the window, they are very thin so you lose almost nothing. I like them!

    Thanks man but there are a LOT of cars on this site MUCH better than mine. Hell, I haven't even done a mass air conversion on it
  14. my bad.
  16. I bought the car 6 or 7 years ago...something like that. Wasn't looking for a T-Top car. Hell - when I found it, I didn't even know T-Tops existed on 87-88 Stangs!
    As for washing the car, that is the only problem with having louvers. It cleans up no problem, but you have to unscrew the bottom of the louvers and lift them up to dry the window (the louvers are on hinges so it's not a huge deal). It's my only complaint with having them, but it's a minor complaint.
  17. I don't think they would look good because the windows are so big...the s197s can pull it off because the windows are so much smaller. They look good on the back but on the sides..not so much. Not to hijack but what do you think the fake vents on the older foxs are worth?
  18. I sometimes buy Mustang Monthly magazine which caters mostly to the classic Mustangs. There's always this add about window louvers and they do list '79-93 hatch AND coupe aluminum louvers, but i've never even heard of quarter glass windows for ANY Fox. The '79-86 sail panels were supposed to mimic or at least be a throwback to the old window that's about as good as it gets.

    Besides has anyone seen that car that has the quarter glass filled in with metal? It looks like complete crap. Rear louvers are one thing but i wouldn't even bother with side louvers even if they were available.
  19. hi im new here but ya'll was talking something about side window louvers and i have seen something like them but they do not cover the window just the black part behind it if u want to take a look here is a youtube link. and the times in the video with the louver type side window. 1:45, 5:45, 6:00. like i said this are just a type of louver but do not cover the window part.
    YouTube - Ford Mustang Foxbody Picture Slideshow