fox body coupes with t-tops?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 82_t-top_capri, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. anyone ever seen these cars? i saw one in a muscle mustang a few years back, it was a twin turbo,teal 81 with a 86 fron clip.they looked right past the fact it had t-tops and didnt even mention it. i liked the idea and found one in my area. it was a 81 also. i think they only came that year. noone thinks they exist.anyone else have one?
  2. Not a coupe, but I'll chime in with my Red 87 LX hatch that had them. I miss that car....
  3. ya they made some in 87 and in 88 , some even were considered 89's but i cant find anyone with any coupes, i saw something on corral but the forum is old and closed. i want to get some more info on them.

  4. Yes they did make coupes with t-tops there were made from 80-82. There are 2 guys on the message board that I'm on in my sig check there. The screen names are James5.0 & YELLOW 5.0 TT You can talk to them. Yellow 5.0 Might even be selling it to.
  5. thanks for the info, i actually have one, i didnt know the years they were made though, im just tryin to get as much info on them as possible.are they worth anything? im not to good with computers so i dont know how to talk to those people you listed using this site, i know how to use a.i.m. though, if you know their screen names, id appreciate it if you could email them to me at [email protected] and ill email you mine when i hear from you.thank you VERY much for the help, chris
  6. Coupes with the T-roof were produced later than the '82 model year. I personally took T-roof panels from an '84 coupe in a salvage yard.

    And '80 wasn't the first model year that the T-roof was available in production Fox Mustangs and Capris. The first model year for T-roof availability in Fox chassis Mustangs and Capris was the '81 model year.

    And '77 and '78 Mustangs were available with T-roof on the coupe body.
  7. hi all just to let you know,im in the prosess of buying an 86 t top coupe as we speak its a v6 auto but the moter is gone, really gone,not there anymore gone so might be a good 5.0 car
  8. ya, i have been hearing alotmore lately that they were made up until 86,or thats the last iv heard them made. its so odd, noone really knows much about these cars at all.iv never heard of a 79-80 mostly iv seen alot of 81s and now 86s.mine also was a 6 but it was an inline 6 auto, i threw that junk off a bridge and put a 306 c-4 in it.had fawn(tan) interor now it has put a v8 in it though......