Fox convertible roll bar

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  1. who sells a decent roll bar for a fox vert? I dont want a cage or styling bar, but a functional roll bar.
  2. Maximum motorsports, for about $300.
    In reality its the installation part that is gonna cost you, if you dont do it yourself. I know its about $800 here in NY, fabbed and installed.

    Good luck, Ant
  3. Do it right, get it WELDED, not bolted.
  4. I can weld, thats not an issue.

    anyone have pics of one in their car?
  5. I got mine from S&W . 8-point roll bar in Mild Steel is $169.95 in Moly $399.95. make sure to order the one for the convertible.




    I recomend getting the kit for the swing out door bars, much easier than climbing over all the time.
  6. Your welcome, :rolleyes:
  7. hmmm, is there one that does not extend to the front doors?

    this is a DD, I just want something that will provide a little more security of the car ran off the road or gets hit and flips over.
  8. You don't have to put the door bars in if you use the swing out door kit. Just pull the bolt out of the bottom & the quick release pin out of the top & the door bar is out, takes a minute. That's what I do. I only put the door bars in when I go to the track. I think that the swing out kit from S&W was like an extra $40 or something like that .
  9. Go custom. I am getting a hell of a deal on a custom bar with swing out door bars. It will be custom to my car so he will bend it all nice and tight to body panels, back seat will still be usable and the door bars will be nice and tight.

    This is my grad present to myself:D
  10. gotcha. I was not aware you could take them out like that.

    greybeast I am glad you are getting a good deal on a custom roll bar. ARe you graduating HS??? I thought about fabbing my own. I have access to a machine shop at work, but I am ready to get something and just put it in. I am honestly quite tired of fabricating and or replacing parts. I am ready to drive the hell out of this car or sell it off. I havnt decided yet. sorry guys *end rant*
  11. Hooker Competition Roll bar is the way to go............if you can find one....
  12. I like hookers......

    too bad that car is long gone now, but thanks for the info. I have another vert that I want to build in the future so I will keep that in mind.
  13. By the way:

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  14. thanks! I miss those guys.....

  15. Do you have and pictures of the inside? I wanted to know if you had to cut up the rear trim panels? I want a roll bar/cage but did not want to cut up an original trim pieces.
  16. whole.jpg

    I went with the Maximum bar. It can be bolted or welded, but I went bolted for a number of reasons.
    1) the Maximum bar comes with several reinforcement plates that are welded in before the final installation. Not only do they make a strong point for the assembly to connect, but they stiffen up the body too.
    2) the bolted bar is removable so I can upgrade to a full cage, or trade them back and forth if I ever decide I want one or start taking it to the track.
    3) i can also revert to the stock appearance if I ever decide to.
    4) the benefits to the full weld are obvious, but with the reinforcement plates and maximum's design, i imagine them to be near negligible.

    I am also going to include the following picture so that you guys don't think my dirty interior is indicative of a neglected mustang: mustang.jpg
  17. oh yea -
    to answer your question, you don't have to cut any trim, just bend the seat a bit and cut into the carpet. my seat belt retractors are a little shot and the roll bar causes a bit of a pinch on the belt, aside from that no complaints and lots of compliments.
  18. Will this cage supprt a fox putting out 625 fwhp. Its by far one of the better looking ones. It doesn't look like so much of an add on.
  19. to that end, i have no idea. if you call maximum's order line their people are really knowledgeable and could give you a very good opinion.