FS: Xbox 360 hydro dipped and modded controller

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    I do not have an official business. This is more of a hobby for me.

    This is a brand new controller hydro dipped with skull pattern. Same hydro dip or hydrographic printing process done with automotive parts. This is the last skull pattern I have. Pay with paypal and I can ship for $5-$10 depending on location. Details below.

    This custom controller has been been painted with custom "reaper skulls" pattern. All parts of the controller case and battery pack are painted except triggers and bumpers. Controller also features chrome ABXY and guide buttons and blue LEDS. DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS ARE INCLUDED.

    Not all modded/rapid fire controllers are the same! Many only have a few modes and some are not adjustable for future games or do not have additional modes beyond just rapid fire. Take a look at the modes below on my controllers. Additionally, my controllers are brand new, custom painted and also have custom buttons. I always start with brand new controllers. They are custom painted and clear coated by a professional shop. The are reassembled with custom buttons and tested.

    This stealth 12 mode rapid fire mod has Adjustable Programmable modes, Auto Aim, Quick Aim, Burst, Drop Shot, and more! The combinations of all these features allow for unlimited settings, making any future patches or updates a thing of the past!

    Stealth 12 Mode Rapid Fire
    Drop Shot
    Quick Aim
    Auto Aim
    Adjustable Burst
    Dual Trigger
    Undetectable On XBOX Live (100% online safe)
    Works On All XBOX 360 Games
    Does Not Drain Extra Battery Life

    Our design was built with the user in mind. It lets you turn on/off rapid fire in a fraction of a second and you can even change rapid fire modes on the fly. The default modes are listed below.

    Mode 1 -- Akimbo/Dual trigger Black Ops & MW2,3 (Adjustable)
    Mode 2 -- Quick Aim/Auto Akimbo When RT is pressed LT auto fires as well (No Rapid Fire)
    Mode 3 -- Black Ops (Adjustable)
    Mode 4 -- MW1,2,3 (Adjustable)
    Mode 5 -- COD 5 World at War, Halo 3/ODST (Adjustable)
    Mode 6 -- Left 4 Dead1,2, BF1,2,3, GTA4, Red Dead Redemption (Adjustable)
    Mode 7 -- Gears Of War 1,2,3 Halo Reach (Adjustable)
    Mode 8 -- Auto Aim Zombies, Special Ops, Campaign (Adjustable)
    Mode 9 -- 1-10 Round Burst 3 Round Burst Default, All Games (Adjustable)
    Mode 10 -- 1-10 Round Burst 5 Round Burst Default, All Games (Adjustable)
    Mode 11 -- Drop Shot All COD Games (Adjustable)
    Mode 12 -- Dual Drop Shot All COD Games (Adjustable)

    Even the automatic dropshot feature is better than the other controllers out there. Check out these features...

    Having Drop Shot as an option will allow you to dodge bullets by falling to the ground. Catch your enemy by surprise as they fire over your head! Also included is a left trigger cancellation mechanism that allows you to cancel the automatic Drop Shot if you aim in before firing. This is a great added feature! For example, if you're hiding behind a barrier, an automatic Drop Shot would normally place your view behind the barrier and keep your opponent out of view. Well, not anymore! You simply hold in LT to aim in and the automatic Drop Shot feature is deactivated. This feature is offered in both a right trigger and dual/akimbo trigger option.

    Controller Reaper - 3.jpg
  3. I would like to purchase this controller. I play rdr and will it work in haedcore free roam multiplayer I live in amarillo texas I can pay with mastercard.please let me know how I can order one.my email is [email protected] you.
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