g-bar installed

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by rc4mike, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. Just received my gbar from TCP earlier this week. Ordered through ReenMachine. Installation went smoothly. Opted for weld on lower mounts.

  2. more photos
  3. Looks great and very familiar. I got mine in on Thursday! Pictures just don't do this kit justice do they? This kit is high quality and bad A**.

    When are you going to have the exhaust in?
  4. Very nice! What are your exhaust plans?
  5. Nice clean installation! I'm glad you're happy with it. I will be sure to pass on the compliments to the boss....
  6. Very clean install.
    I'm also interested in the exhaust plans
  7. Thanks, yes it was easy to install. Even the welding was straight forward. Hardest part is aligning all the brackets BEFORE welding.

    Exhaust??? I have no idea. Car is still a shell with engine in a junker i just bought. Wont have to firgure that out for long time. Hoping others have that figured out before i get there. 68 efi...what are you doing? didnt you say yours was at the exhaust shop now? I am hoping Pete with Reen has some ideas coming.

  8. You guys are killing me... I want one so bad.
  9. me too, i'm also anxiously awaiting Tim's install pics on his cougar so i'll know what i'm in for on mine:D
  10. My car is at the body shop/builder right now. I had to go get some braided stainless brake lines made for mine. I just couldn't see putting old worn rubber hoses back on. I was able to snap a couple pictures of it to track the build.

    I plan on taking it to the muffler shop when the body work is done. They tell me about a month. It is very tight under there. I really don't see how my guy will be able to go over the axle. I hope he can but I won't hold my breath. On another forum (vintagemustangforum.com) there is a guy that just got done with an install and he was able to use the stock magnaflow kit. It cleared everything without a problem. If I run into a problem it may be because of my Flowmaster 50 series. They are a bit longer than the 40's and leave a little less space back there. I am preparing myself for the bad news to run them under the rear.

    I have also seem some pictures of the old Gbar kit where they ran the exhaust over the axle right below the fram rail (on the outside of the shocks). It was a tight squeeze but it looks great. That path depends on how low you want your car.
  11. yes that one is a G-Bar but it's the older version that TCP and Air Ride Tech shared, the new TCP one is much beefier than the old version.

  12. In a couple of weeks I will be able to show you what you are in for, but it won't be in my car. Uncle Sam got all my "play" money.
  13. cool. i'm anxious to see if there is any more room for the exhaust on a cougar, since it's a bit longer than a stang.
  14. Hi everyone, looking for someone who have a gBar, working on the installation of the exhaust, a 3ยจ magnaflow that seems a no-no at the moment, glad to know if someone is willing to share experience.