Garage cleaning sale, Lots and Lots of good 65-70 stang stuff for sale

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by DarkoStoj, Jun 20, 2007.

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  1. 67 Door Panels Black, brand new in box. $50

    67/68 Fiberglass Lower Valance Spoiler painted but never mounted $30
    View attachment 380433

    351W Duraspark Distributor $25

    67/68 Fiberglass Lower Valance little dirty but no cracks and never mounted $50
    View attachment 380435

    69 Mach 1 hood scoop(i think so atleast) - make offer

    FMS timing chain for 289-351w purchased new for $75 but never taken out of the box $50

    Chrome 289/302 oil pan, brand new never mounted $25
    View attachment 380439

    FMS valve covers mounted on motor, but motor was never started $75

    Chrome sbf valve covers - new and never mounted $25

    sbf Oil cooler & adapter came with a car I bought in a box, probably good for someone running on the track a lot $30
    View attachment 380442
    View attachment 380443

    new exhaust manifolds - came on a car I bought but the motor was never fired $40
    View attachment 380444

    NOS Cheater system 150-250hp, everything is included along with a switch that mounts on the carb that engages the nitrous at WOT $325
    View attachment 380445

    leaf springs - came with a car I bought, I never took them out of the wrapping, they are brand new $100

    clutch setup - been sitting in my garage for a few years, pressure plate disc and throwout bearing $40

    tremec 3550 shifter $20

    67/68 window rolleruppers $15
    View attachment 380450

    Limo tint its 5%, bought it new but never used it, there is a small kink in the roll $10
    View attachment 380451
    View attachment 380452

    Racing seats $250 for both
    View attachment 380453

    walnut steering wheel $75
    View attachment 380454

    15" vega subwoofer $50
    View attachment 380455

    4.11 ford 9" third member I think it has a trac lock too, make offer

    jeep r/c toy car, got it as a present...but I'm too old for it and never used it
    View attachment 380456
  2. ...bars

    i'm intrerested in export bar and monte carlo bar. how much will it cost to shipp to stockton,ca.95204?

  3. you have a pm with the quote
  4. Why????

    Why do you have to be sooo far away??? I'd take everything off your hands, sans the seats, tint, speakers, and R/C truck (okay I'd take the truck too:rolleyes: ). I do want the oil cooler & adapter and the spoiler. Let me know where to send the money (money order okay?) and the shipping to 08109. Any idea on what your looking to get on the hood scoop? It'd look good an my Maverick:eek: .

  5. you have a pm
  6. did you sell the monte carlo bar?

    Give me a shipping quote and I'll get a money order out to you.
  7. you have a pm
  8. darko.

    you got PM:D
  9. PM sent
  10. I'll buy Edelbrock air filter, Mustang exhaust, Turbo mufflers if they are staight through design, Red 65 door cards from you :) Let me know if they are available.

  11. karko, pm sent
  12. i never got any pm
  13. export bar&monte carlo bar

    darko, i've sent you pm again:D :nice:
  14. ooops my bad i mean darko not karko:D

  15. I am Interested in the flowmasters, Still have them?

    Zipcode = 00778

  16. they are sold
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