gas pedal mod...a pain!!!

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  1. Yeah, Azn's right. :) BTW, you head over to Supraforums yet?
  2. ok lets think about what you have said. You put the carbon fiber hood on because the other was damaged and you didn't want to pay for the body work. Seems fair. However, there is this ONE litle piece that EVERYBODY here has seemed to overlook. It's called INSURANCE. If you have comprehensive/complete coverage (which I would expect you should), it would cover that! Therefore if you paid your $250/$500 deductble, which would be much less than that carbon fiber pos. NOW you're going back to the old one, and you're going to have to pay to repair it anyway!!! :chair: And it's not the sticker that they say makes their car go faster, it's the fart pipes that the sticker endorses that "makes the car go faster." :puke: Geeze ricers...get a life. Better yet, get a decent car :flag:
  3. yah I have, thx for the info.
    I'm still searching for specific details on the differences between the two engines. but I basically found what I was looking for in the first place. the two motors are diffferent internally. the GTE bottom end can sustain much more hp than the GE bottom end can, thus making one motor alot better than the other, and thus making most of the turbo kits out there GTE motor only.

    that was just from browsing. i tihn i'll have to sign up because then I can use the search feature.
  4. My deductable is 500 bucks, the hood was 572.50. Man, I wasted a WHOLE bunch of money on that one. :rolleyes: I saw no point in claiming something and having it wind up on my vehicle record for 72 freaking dollars. I'm also going back to a stock one because I've found one for 20 bucks from a friend of mine, which is signifigantly less than the damaged CF hood I have on the car now. You guys need to realize trying to 0wn me is nearly impossible.
  5. :rolleyes: There's that ricer ego yet again. Dude, you've been owned by everyone on this board. Cobraclone, I never claimed to run 12's so I don't know why everyone seems to feel the need to say "Hey, you don't run 12's." Gee, you don't say? At any rate, I'm through with this topic because I refuse to carry on a conversation with a ricer. I'm disappointed that alot of people seem to think it's ok to sit back and listen to some moron spout on and on about how great his POS non-american car is on a MUSTANG WEB SITE, but hey, whatever I guess. The guy clearly has no life and is content with whatever cheap pops he can get on the net, so I'm not going to bother lowering myself to his level. So on a final note, I just want to say one more time that I DO NOT RUN 12's AND I HAVE NEVER CLAIMED TO. Maybe if you'd read my earlier posts instead of jumping on my case, you'd know that. I'm not trying to flame anybody, but this thread and alot of comments on it have turned to :bs:
  6. (Quote from Mean03V6)this thread and alot of comments on it have turned to :bs:

    I agree. I wish a moderator would close it. Preferably, that ricer idiot's account, also :flag:
  7. I agree. I wish a moderator would close it. Preferably, that ricer idiot's account, also :flag:[/QUOTE]

    :flag: Thank you. It's nice to see someone around here feels the way I do :cheers:
  8. The sad thing is, I haven't said anything that's been false. You on the other hand have claimed to be better than me and also faster, yet haven't posted anything to back it up. Theres no reason to ban me because I haven't done anything wrong. I've just posted my opinion. If you're going to post about something on the board, be prepared to receive opinions whether they're good or bad. Another thing I find funny, is that I get called a ricer idiot by someone with a big window decal. :rolleyes: Have a nice day ladies ;)

    Edit: No, you never outright claimed you ran 12's, but you insinuated it. That's why everyones saying that.
  9. :scratch: Anyone else notice that this guy keeps winking to all the dudes on this site in every one of his posts? What's up with that? And if you ASSUMED I was saying I ran 12's, then you should learn how to read. The only fact that you've gotten across is that you don't know jack about anything. It's better to be thought an idiot than to open your mouth and confirm the fact, but it's too late for you now so oh well.
  10. So tell me, what do your timeslips say? ;)
  11. Tell you what, I'll make you a deal. I'll blow up copies of my slips. You come meet me at the track and I'll attach them to my rear bumper. If you can get close enough, you can read them. How's that? Oh, and sorry, I don't have a wink for you but I do have this :uzi:
  12. Nah, just type out the numbers. 60', 330' 1/8 trap and et, 1000', and 1/4 trap and et. It's not that hard, just type them out. I'll be able to tell if you made em up or not. Spill the beans buddy boy. ;)
  13. :rolleyes: You just aren't going to let this thread die are you?
  14. I will when you pull out your BS timeslips for your 15 second car. :rolleyes:

  15. Ya know, I have a college education and I would read this and assume that you are saying you're running 12's. Granted, you don't come directly out and say that your car runs 12's, but I think you're just an idiot trying to stir stuff.
  16. ok mean03v6, your an idiot, your car won't break into the 14's to save it's life, your making the rest of us look bad by acting like a total noob...

    don't tell me any of you guys would pass up the chance to get a carbon fiber hood if you had an integra. As for the insurance, with my insurance if you hit something like an animal or a rock it falls under comprehensive and it's only like $50, unless you got GICO insurance, well then you already dug your own grave.

    As for the rest of you flaming this guy for owning an integra, at least he's not like other ricer people, remember the saturn guys, he could be worse, at least he's on here trying to be friendly.
  17. =D I luf j00 guys.
  18. yea 15.5 is average give or take a couple, different areas, different conditions, different temps, with different alt's all play a pretty big roll. I highly doubt a stock 99 up manual can brake into the 14s with out one hell of a driver and an AMAZING track with perfect conditions, just be very happy you havea mid 15 second car, compare what you paid for it to that of an import who is probably slower and paid a ton of alot more for the car, or as said above that you dont have an auto.
  19. 2 all those who say I'm making you look bad, I'm sorry. I truly am. I'm sorry that you don't like the Mustang. I just thought this was a Mustang website. Please, forgive my ignorance for posting positive things about my car, which is a Mustang. "Noob"? All your posts have you going around making smart comments like that. I'm not a "newbie" to Mustangs, but I am a "newbie" to sites that claim to be "promoting the legend of the Ford Mustang" but in fact are filled with people "promoting the legend of Brian Earl Spilner." This is my last post in this thread, but I'd like to say. If you don't think a V6 Mustang can break 14's, then you aren't very smart. Nitrous? Supercharger? And, because this is apparently an import site, turbo? Any ONE of these would shoot a 3.8 into 14's by itself....but that can't be right since the V6 CAN NOT DO 14'S, right? All I see on here are people who's sole purpose is to try to flame other people. GTO was right, there's nothing but a bunch of rice boys running this thread.