Getting rid of the TF street heat, and goin Cobra

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by crunchie12268, May 24, 2005.

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  2. Anyone notice his Fuel pressure is way below stock, and he has a modded engine? Thats one reason your setup isnt working.
    Its in the tune.. there really should only be a 0-15hp difference between the TFS street and Edel performer and cobra in HP, tq is a differ story. I had the explorer on a nearly ident setup, then went track, then went street. I had e303 on port Pheads w/ 1.7rrs. Now im going to a Stock HO cam. This is my expirence..
    Explorer was real nasty torque off the line..
    Track lost some low end for sure.. but was much quicker after 3500 than the explorer.. faster rpm increase was noticed
    Street in the middle of both.. more torque/power lower.. nearly the same as track after 3500rpms..
    Now for me.. I want a street fighter or the E303 power band of 3k to 5500rpms.. on any long runner intake doesnt cut it. I want a idle to 5500rpm frieght train. So.. going back to the HO cam, and placing a idle to 5800rpm intake (TFStreet) are better matched for my intentions. It is all in the combo. I dont have all the supporting goodies and Im running a/c compresor. I didnt dyno the xplorer but I made 270hp and 310tq at 5100rpms with the Street. I stoped it there..due to a vibration in the shifter. I think I have other issues like incorrect pushrod length and incorrect cam degree. So I got tons of things to fiddle with. but Either way I jumped 25hp from 12deg and 40psi to 16deg and 46psi. So it the combo, and then the tune of the combo. Aftter I get the cam swap and valve train fixed im going to dyno again. Im expect loss in top end hp..little top end torq loss..but more average hp and torque under the curve. Which, with boost.. the combo should be real fun on the street. Not the fastest at the track but probably in the higher ratio of usable average hp/tq. My 2 cents
  3. I put a TFS street intake on my stock heads and even with stock heads and a throttle body that is way to big for my combo I picked up some good power down low. Not as much as it could be maybe with some changes, but it still feels damn good. Also, is your fuel pressure really at 32? like your list of mods says. That seems a bit low to me with all the mods you have.
  4. Ha ha I just read Polters response above mine. I didn't get tha far before I posted my reply. I'm with you on the fuel pressure man.
  5. im surpised it wasnt mention before.. that could be a huge factor.. you are running way way lean..

    on a side note.. that webpage with all the test.. Think Rick anderson is his name.. that was a freakin super cool find.. The latest test.. it 2002 or 2005 the one with like 9 intakes is done with an anderson cam and blower.. so its not the best combo for a stocker trying to get an idea. But its still puts up comparison numbers. And They always compare the TFS Street and Edel Performer (Not RPM) with a GT40.. and the GT40 seems to always produce more tq lower on the rpm range..its a givin from its design.. but the Edel produces more Hp.. and guess what.. the Street is almost always in the middle of the two. Hence the middle price range.. you get what you pay for.
  6. Take the time to look at/calculate AVERAGE HP/TQ on any intake dyno comparison . Properly porting the GT40/Cobra/Explorer lower will give the same top as the other intakes.
  7. Yea, if i had the money and a cheap explorer/cobra intake to buy I would definetly have it with a ported lower going on.. but I think since my heads have been ported some the TFS runner openings should provide enough. But the extra area and torque under the curve would probably be obvious..
  8. My god what a thread. Dump that tfs and put on the cobra. you will make gains over the TFS all the way to 5000 rpm. And for some quick info type in to your search engine SUPER INTAKE SHOOTOUT MM/FF and read why you don`t need a TFS manifold