Girlfriend problems... Need some opinions/help

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  1. Okay, so I was having an okay day up until this.. considering I only got about 4 hours of sleep.

    I was at work and me and my girlfriend usually textmessage each other back and forth and I know she talks to other people via it also. All of a sudden I get this message "Bobby, I want u so bad!".
    Considering my name is John I really started to get pissed and called her immediatly.. She said it wasn't her that sent it or even typed it, but the context that she typed it in, the FROM: field, and the fact that she knows a guy [who is about 35-40 years old] is named Bob. This guy is married and has kids, has a house, business, etc... But he does call her [and hangs up when the wife comes], asked her to go on a boat ride with him, gave her money before we went to prom.. and I'm starting to really hate the guy.

    Anyway, what would you guys do? What if it really wasn't her who sent it.. maybe a mix-up when messages were being sent? I know it can happen with computers... guess it can happen with phones.. I don't know.. She promises that it wasn't her.. we've been going out for 5 months.. I donno guys... I'm just really bummed.. If I do find out that it was/is him though I'll probably end up doing some good-ol' revenge of some sort.. who knows...

    I need some advice..

  2. let me be the first to say piitb
  3. Damnit, that was the only advice I had too. Well, just to be sure, you definitely should PIITB.
  4. piitb help me out here ??

    anyway screw one of her cute friends and call it even..
  5. sorry double post
  6. Erm...Thanks..

    But some real advice would help.
  7. :lol:

    Is there a way you can go into her phone and look at her "outbox"? She could easily have deleted it if it was her, but its something to check. But then she'd probably get pissed at you for not believing her. Sucks dude. Piitb while you still can.
  8. Yeah, I could check her outbox, but even if it was her who sent it, she'd delete it.. nobody is that stupid.
  9. It's legit, she did it. The fact that she had "bobby" and "I want you" in the same message pretty much proves it. Tell her you are ending things with her and see if she opens up about it. If she doesn't seem to care then you will have your answer. Good luck.
  10. "Opens up about it"... how so? What if she starts tearing up? or just doesn't care? ugh.. I hate **** like this..
  11. Damn man that sucks. I know how it feels.

    Question. Does Piitb = Put in in the butt? :shrug:
  12. That sucks man. Same crap happened to me a while ago. Even though I don't follow my own advice, you should end it. If she's for you she shouldn't go along with the way that bob guy is towards her anyway, she should have some more respect for you.

  13. Well, if she doesnt care then you have your answer. If the fact that you mention breaking up with her doesn't bother her then you will know she has something on the side.
  14. man whats up with all those text msgs teen craps, you don't need that, screw the cellphone and it'll resolve alot of problem, thrust me :nice:
  15. how many different bobs does she know? look in here phone book on the phone and if she has one bob then it is most likely that guy. goo luck
  16. I'm pretty sure the text message is 100% proof she's cheating on you (or trying to).

    Let a girl cheat on you once and get away with it, and guess what happens?

    Don't be that guy. You can do better than this - and keep in mind any over-the-top emotional response that she has is probably just the woman manipulating you.
  17. if your bigger then that bob guy, go scare the crap out of him. thats what i'd do.

    oh, and you should get an understanding Piitb if you play your cards right :D
  18. seriously, end it now. that's ***en bull****.
  19. I just want to make sure that there is no way that message was faked by somebody. I'm a computer major and know that you can send messages by spoofing TCP/IP addresses, but that takes quite a bit of effort and someone really needs to get a life; is it the same with phones?
    She's probably going to stop by once she gets out of work at 9ish, we'll talk then and come out with an outcome. Either way I'm going to pay this guy a visit, along with his wife and his kids.. Should be quite an interesting 'Talk'.
    I know her phone probably keeps it in the outbox, but anybody with half a brain knows to delete it, especially after their significant other is questioning the message stated.
    My only idea is that her ex-boyfriend [who I've had a post about in the past] did this. The other day he saw me with another girl [my best friend, nothing going on there] at the car was and called my gf.. So maybe he's just looking to get back into the picture.

    This sucks..