Girls names for cars

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  1. Okay guys. I just watched Gone in sixty seconds So I always knew that all cars were girls names. Then someone questioned my and said they had guys names too. So i was wondering what you guys thought.
  2. Eleanor.... :drool:

    My Mother's truck's name is Big Gulp. That's a manly name right there. :D
  3. yes I know Eleanor! But I have never heard I guys name used for code names. And don't people refer to cars as girls?
  4. They can call them whatever they want.

    IIRC, when the board was lit up with the black light, i remember all female names.

    I name my car's girls names. My '88LX is Nikki, and my G35 is Nadia
  5. Sometimes my car is a B**** that's a girls name, right?
  6. My mustang is like a woman I hate it 80% of the time
  7. My Capri is a boy cause it has balls. :D
  8. we know you like playing with balls jeez
  9. Shaniqwa.... that is all
  10. My 92 is Sally and my 02 was Heather.
  11. i think guys give there vehicals girl names, and girls give their cars boy names??
  12. Duh... :rolleyes: :D

    My Capri is FrankenStang.
    My truck is Stinky.
    My Mustang is WildFire.

    Those are unisex... :D
  13. In the movie, all the cars are named after ladies.

    I knew a girl named Nikki
    I guess u could say she was a sex fiend
    I met her in a hotel lobby
    Masturbating with a magazine
    She said how'd you like to waste some time
    And I could not resist when I saw little Nikki grind
  14. Didn't the foo fighters do a re-make of that song?? My 65s name is Charlotte because she's a spawning ground for black widows it seems. Have yet to name my other vehicles. Black sunshine is probably going to be the 90s name. :shrug:
  15. Mine is Samantha
  16. Yes. I think I like the Foo's version better, but I just like the Foo.
  17. My suburban was "The Burb" or "The Fridge" when the heat went out
    SVO was..."The SVO"
    1966 turbo mustang "The 66" or as my room-mates GF's 4yr old son says "The Whistling Car" lol, we ask him what Mustang he wants to ride in he always says the whistling one.
    The 90 Coupe is "The BlueCoupe"
    77 F100 is "The Ugly Truck"
    No girls names...I can never find one I like well enough it seems
  18. Mine usually goes by ****ing b****... lol

    The harder you beat her, the more she likes it :D
  19. My old car was Brittany, the new car is "Eva" or "Elvira," because my parents think the car is evil.
  20. I call my Truck **** with a hitch. Or Beater with a heater.