Glad To Find Fellow Mustang Owners


New Member
Jan 29, 2016
well I'm an 56 year old ex body/mechanic now retired,hope to find some good people here, I own and built my 89 lx hatch, 5.0 5spd myself, top end done,reworked t5 1995,cold air intake,frame rail connectorsbbk down hpipe,flowmasters 40,s and tailpipes,hurst shifter,hurst linelockstorman norman hood,bosch gauges,pillor pod, ultra 16 " rims,new radiator,waterpump,therm,head set,headers,custom front nosecone took out middle front to make a cobra look without an insert,gt taillights,cobra r spoiler, my owm custom charchol grey with diamond ice,then I did a ghost ram air stripe that blends into a 70,s style hocky puch down both sides, enjoy


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