Glass Roof Shade Problems...

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  1. So I have had my Mustang new since August. I open and close the shade just about once a day. After 9 months I now have a slight binding issue. I am curious what others have heard. I am also planning on taking it to Ford on Monday just to talk to them about it. I'm fearful on letting them touch it as once you pull the headliner off you know they are going to start breaking those plastic clips. I also know that I really have no choice because it should be working correctly and it's covered under warranty.

    What to do...

    Peter S.
  2. Ok, so I took it to Ford and of course they have never seen this issue before nor taken apart a headliner out of a Mustang to fix a shade. They did however order me a new shade and may have someone who specializes in interiors come in and do the job. I'm currently waiting for the part to come in and then will schedule an appointment.

    Peter S.
  3. Free of charge?
  4. Yes, under warranty.
  5. Just dropped off my car. Now all I can do is wait. :(
  6. Well I'm happy to say that I picked up my Mustang on the same day I dropped it off. And yes they did a good job replacing the roof shade. They said it was easier then they thought.

    Now I'm afraid to use it. :)
  7. Hey at least it'll be covered under warranty again!