goodbye guys its been fun!

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  1. I agree +1
  2. so umm, a 20k loan and just a wee bit higher(by maybe 5mpg) mpg is practical?

    cmon man, if you want a new car, just say it. people using gas prices as a excuse is just getting old, especially the ones around here. i mean, dam bro, i know i drive alot crazier than you, i bury the pedal almost every couple stops, and a full tank of 30$ lasts me a week, which is the same mileage i got on my 97 eclipse gst, and even better mileage than my 94 tbird. not to mention going to LA with my moms neon instead of my car, took her pos 3 tanks to get there and back, the GT, i can get there and back in 2.5. 4banger mileage my ass.
  3. I got easy 22 mixed and 26-28 highway on my 04 GT. How the heck did you get that ****ty. Hell I get 20 city 24-25 highway on my PI swapped, tuned, and fully bolted 98 GT.
  4. no gas prices werent the only deciding factor..i liked the mustang but it was becoming less practical for me...i am starting a new family and wanted something more oriented to that. the mustang had no warranty, insurance was $40 more a month, it inhaled gas, did from day 1 when i got it bone stock, it rode rough and rattled... the new car has a 100k warranty, drives and handles like a dream and is much more suited for a family...i had to look at what would be best in the long run and i know this car will last me a very long time...whereas the stang was already starting to show the wear and tear...
  5. 330i is a nice comprimise for a family car. Just remember the stangs when your kids get older and you have spendind money again. :p
  6. I know, I was just messing with ya, my friend has a silver 330ci last gen he got new a couple years ago, man that car is so f'n sweet. Congrats on the purchase. :nice:
  7. Don't forget the BMW will hold value a lot better than a Mustang. So when you sell it you won't get raped so bad.