Got Beat By A ****ing Neon

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  1. I raced one 3 times from a 2nd gear roll and il tell ya those thing are pretty quick i beat him but not by that much. Off the line i smoked him tho. It was an 04 by the way with a CAI.
  2. I put a big smile on a NEON owner's face today. Gonna post it soon and put a link in here.!
  3. There fast cars! nothing to be ashamed of. Time for more mods :p
  4. what do them 350zs run? i know they have 280 horses but from what i know there heavy as hell. i raced one the other day but he had to make the next turn so we only go to maybe 50.

  5. 350Z have 287hp / 274 ft-lbs and Curb Weightis 3225 lbs.
    they run [email protected] with good driver
  6. Is that what they're rated at or are those numbers from a dyno?
  7. I hope that is photochopped and nobody actually did that to their car :notnice: :puke:
  8. i think it looks good. :D
  9. looks better than the original... :rlaugh:
  10. you can say that again.

  11. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  12. Thats what they rated(flywheel)
  13. I respect em for what they are but thats it.Style to me is everything.
    I can always swap motors on my stang but the ricer cars will always be ugly IMO.
  14. We're still talking about a turbo'ed neon vs a naturally aspirated mustang. Big deal. What happens when you throw a supercharger or turbo at a mustang? 400-500 horsepower, no problem. So it comes that way from the factory, big deal. It's still a neon, and they still had to throw a turbo on it to make it as fast as a stock mustang.

    I have a friend that just thew a $2500 H22 motor into a Prelude, $600 skunk cams, and countless other fart can parts and are excited because they think they are finally going to get into the 14's. Ricers are incredible. They all get excited when they spend $5000 and can finally hang with a stock mustang.


    Get get a power adder or a 331 and don't sweat it.
  15. Besides, unlike a lot of the other imports, that neon is gonna start falling apart at about 70,000 miles. most of the people there don't even know as much as I do (which ain't much, seeing as how i'm a computer programmer) and think their car is gonna keep going faster as they pay other people to put on mods. by the way, anyone got a need for a twin turbo JY setup? I THINK I DO!
  16. talk about bring up last months threads.....i ended up getting an 03 cobra instead of the subaru.....
  17. Nope , I say tons Neons die on 40,000-60,000miles , blew motor or blew head :notnice:
  18. Whose the gravedigger on this one. Can we let this thread die, I hate neons. I hate thinking about them.
  19. talking s$%^ about a neon and i own one.
    Go figure.
    But the wife already has said i can get another stang
    once we pay off her S#$$ box.
    I think ill get an 04 since everybody will want an 05.
    Prices should be good for them once the 05s are out.
    That would make mustang#9

    Stangs 4ever