Got codes from engine what now? quickly reply please

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  1. yea the guy at oreilys said to mention KOEM the codes are 91 41 11
  2. What kind of car Charles - year/computer type?

    If it's EEC-IV:

    91 - if it was Key on Engine Off - shift solenoid 1 (SS1) circuit failure; if it was Key on Engine running - HEGO circuit indicates system lean (left HO2s)

    41 - if it was Key on Engine running - HEGO (HO2s) circuit indicates system lean (right HO2s)

    11- under all conditions - System PASS

    HEGO - is the heated Oxygen sensor or it's circuit

    Looks like something's amiss with both O2 sensors or their circuits.
  3. my friend was helping me put on my aftermarket exhaust and once i put the headers on he was putting on the h-pipe and he cut the o2 sensors off and put them back into the h-pipe so is that my problem? that the o2 sensors are cut off?
  4. oh yea my car is an 89 it says eec i believe. it was right behind the drivers side strut tower
  5. Not sure what you mean by "is that my problem? that the o2 sensors are cut off?"

    You say he put them back in, but that they're "cut off". I'm afraid I don't understand. Can you describe in more detail exactly what happened? IF they're not hooked up to the system anymore - uh - yeah - that's a problem. If they're installed much further back (away from the engine) than they were before, that's a problem also.
  6. sorry to me i knew what i was talking about. but umm the sensors they are attached by wires to where ever they go to. well my friend was like you dont need these so he took a knife and cut the sensor wires and was like why is there a whole on both sides of your h-pipe i was like thats were the sensors go and hes like oh so he went and got the sensors and just screwed the sensors back on but the wires are cut and disconnected. so the computer doesnt read them then.

    i hope that explains it better if not just tell me. again

  7. uhhhhhhh........
    o2 sensors are NEEDED! i dont know what your friend was thinking, if he knows much about cars. but their ONLY purpose on the car is to measure the air/fuel ratio of your exhaust. to tell the computer how the car is running.. if its lean, it adjusts accordingly. if its rich, it will adjust... so uh. you must have these on your car. you cant just plug the holes off and not have o2 sensors. i cant believe the car even runs half decent at all without any sensors.

    you need to repair those wires and hook them back up ASAP. i gaurentee your car will run 100x better.
    im sure everyone will agree with me on this one
  8. As staticc says, your car will run better with them. I'd think twice before following the advice again of whoever you had working on the car with you. You need to rewire them - be sure you get them reconnected as they were before. Once warm, the computer goes from open loop mode to closed loop mode where it reads data from the sensors, and adjusts how much fuel gets injected. Without them it should run (mine were 'accidentally' disconnected for 6 years!) but it won't run as efficiently as it would if they were hooked up, and some people suffer major drivability problems without them being hooked up.
  9. ok i will do so right now. but one thing is i am getting really good gas mileage. usually i get about 225 miles on 15.2 gallons (i think its that much). now i put in 11 gallons and so far am at 185 miles and at a quarter of a tank.
  10. Generally speaking, the O2 sensors will help you get BETTER mileage. Without the feedback from the sensors, the computer is designed to keep things richer because being too lean can hurt things. With the sensors, it leans the mixture out even more under certain conditions.
  11. Oh - disconnect your battery for a few minutes to clear those codes out after you get the wires reconnected.
  12. well it seems that my friend cut the wires flush against the o2 sensor so i need to buy two more. on the drivers side i cant find the wires that are suppose to go to the o2 sensor. i can only find the one on the passenger side. how much are o2 sensors? are the o2's suppose to be attached to each other or is there (knowing that theres three wires per o2) 2 sets of three wires coming from were ever the o2's send there information to. like i mean one sensor wires up to its own wires and same with the other side instead of them both being wired to each other. i believe they arent wired up to each other. but hey i dont know anything about efi mustangs just carb mustangs cause there easy to learn and work on.

    suck that its 7:30 and no auto parts store is open cause then ill be able to get it done tonight and see if it made a big difference.

  13. well.. new o2 sensors are about $40 each. so itll cost you nearly $80 for a new set.. and yes, theres a set of wires for each side. since your friend probably cut off your harness, you might have to cut the harness off the new o2 sensors and hard wire them up :shrug: .. thats what i would do anyways. im very impatient. and i doubt you can find a new set of harnesses somewhere at night.

    oh, if you have a discount auto near you. pick them up there.
    they were $10 cheaper than pep boys..
    but discount auto only stocks ONE o2 sensor. then i ran across the street to pep boys to get the other.. same exact part. but i saved $10 :flag:

    good luck with the wiring. i hope your friend didnt cut the other side off completely. that would be a real pain in the ass :bang:
  14. The new sensors will come with the wires connected to the plug which will plug into the factory harness. Look on either side of the oil pan. The passenger side runs back near the wiring to the starter. The driver's side runs back with the wiring to the oil level sensor on the side of the oil pan. You should be able to 'unplug' the old remnant, and plug your new ones right in. I believe your "friend" is gonna owe you about $90.
  15. ***** i wish he'd give me 90 for em but i doubt it. hes got a job though so moneys not an issue for him its the why should i part. well the passenger side all i gotta do is unconnect it from the harness and most likely the other side too. i will try my hardest to wire them up since it was cut nearly flush against the sensor. i will go get a soldering iron (would that hurt the sensor?) tomorrow if that would save me the money of getting 2 sensors. well thanks you all for your good help. now my knowledge of fuel injection has increased.
  16. Does that work?

    All you have to do is disconnect the batt and it'll clear the codes? I've always been snagin my buddies code reader. Man if thats the case. Rock on!