Got my car tuned finally.

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  1. Went to Piedmont Custom Motorsports and I had my stang tuned and made 400 hp and 420 tq on 9psi. Was going to run 11-12 psi but maxed my fuel pump out so gonna have to wait. They did a great job and couldnt have went to a better place. Anybody around North Carolina wanting a dyno tune should stop by there shop. Added a short video, this is my first youtube video, tried adding music but couldnt figure it out.
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  2. Nice! Rare to see a turbo mustang actually running, very impressive.
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  3. What does your fuel system consist of?
  4. Very nice! PCM FTW!
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  5. Thanks guys, fuel system mods are 60lb injectors, and a svt focus fuel pump. Everything else is stock, fuel lines and rails.
  6. Sump the tank, 255 or bigger fuel pump, -8 or -10 lines, fuel rails and let her rip!

    Nice job so far!
  7. Thanks, I'm looking into updating fuel system, beefing the bottom end up, turbo cams and some well need traction mods.
  8. Just bolt a kb bap on
  9. I dont trust the stock pump at that power.

    I am making 407/420 and i used a Lincoln Aviator Fuel pump and a 40amp BAP.
  10. Thats what I ended up using
  11. I thought about the KB bap, but Eric at PCM said not to get one as he would kick it out of his shop.:shrug: He recommend I put a Aeromotive Stealth in tank pump, its 340LPH. he said i should be good for what Im looking for after that, plus im still running stock catback with weld in flowmasters. Im gonna put that pump in, either buy a catback or do a custom single 3" with a muffler then a turndown, change my plugs and install my 3:55 gears instead of the 4:10's I have now.
  12. Im getting ready to ditch my 3.73s and go to 3.55s. I dont know why he is so against bap's though?
  13. It's better without music. You can really hear the difference.
  14. Boost a Pump is a band-aide if you ask me. Man up and buy the right pump IMO.
  15. +1