GT 500 pics 8-20-05

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by Cobra Jay, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. im not to fond of the color choice, but it looks nice.

  2. When I first saw it I thought it was Yellow w/white stripes and not silver. It actually looks pretty damn good in person. I talked to on of the SVT guys there and he told me that as of right now, Yellow w/Silver isn't going to be offered as a production color combo. :shrug:

    I hate the Wheels :nonono: :notnice: :puke: :nono:
  3. Love the wheels. Ok with the hood. Hate the colors. WANT THE CAR!

    I gotta go to my dealership this week just to have a chat with my salesman.
  4. I really liked the Shelby lettering on the trunk lid of the original prototype. To bad they are gone. It definalty looks great, but chrome 19's or 20's would really set it off!!!
  5. I gotta agree..... the S H E L B Y on the trunk was not only sexy as hell, but it was also the view most people would have of the car.

    I suppose there will be an aftermarket version available. Worst cast situation I guess I can get someone to custom paint something...... Of course everything is conjecture at this point, cut what is the most current rumor concerning shelby off to one side in the rear???
  6. They may be listening. It is looking better! I wish they would use a different damn color.
  7. I can't believe they're taking the Shelby letters off the trunk lid. They weren't "gaudy" at all. So now, unlike the Shelby Mustangs of old (at least the 67-70 models) the new Shelby Mustang will look unique only from the front, rather than all angles. I've already seen many GT's with the twin stripes. The old ones had side scoops and different tail lights as well as a different front end. Who wants to spend 40-45k for a Shelby Mustang when the word "Shelby" will be tiny or completely absent, and most casual observers (from the rear at least, where they will be most likely seeing it from) will simply think it's a tricked-up GT?, for one. But I'm still dissapointed. As for the hood-has Ford ever heard of RAISED HOOD SCOOPS? The old Shelby Mustangs had 'em. Helps clearance problems every time..
  8. I've read that the shelby lettering in the back will be there on cars w/o stripes, but with the stripes, no lettering. Same as 1968.
  9. I am happy to see the defuser back on the rear of the car. I was getting worried there for a while that it was just going to look like a GT from behind. Cause thats what most people will see. I think the Cobra Emblems on the side could be sized down but I bet the Shelby on the back will be there either small or all the way accross the deck. Either way its better than the last time we saw the yellow test one with the ugly stripes on the hood.
  10. Those look like the production wheels to me. Notice the valvestem is plainly accessible/visible. When we had the show cars out, there were lots of questions about the "lack" of a valvestem