Gt500 Mufflers On 2v??

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Gaston252, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. Anybody want to give this a try I've heard them on many 3v sound sick and mean! Wonder what they would sound like with x and mid mounted on a 2v don't flame you never know until you try!
  2. The only reason why anyone swaps GT500 axle-backs on 3V's is because GT500 muffs have 4" outlets and tips, which slightly change the tone....SLIGHTLY. They are still very quiet. Running a 4" catback on a 2V is NOT a good idea. You get a MUCH better result in tone and sound volume with aftermarket mufflers on a 2V. I would never swap OEM mufflers for other OEM mufflers.
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  3. What he said!
  4. Keep in mind, having the muffler behind the axle, like the 05+ stang completely changes the tone of the car. It eliminates the long length of pipe going over the axle (which gives more of the muscle car sound of the 79-04 msutang). Plus, I would be willing to bet the mufflers would fit like crap... they are side in, center out. you want side in, opposite side out.
  5. Lol well I'm doin it
  6. /\ have fun & good luck. I think its a :poo:ty idea.
  7. Why waste everyone's time with this thread if you were going to do it anyway? Its a stupid idea.....but you don't sound too intelligent anyways. Get lost.
  8. Haha... this literally made me laugh. Anyways.... I think it will sound like :poo:, cost more money and he will lose power. Next thing he should do is convert to electronic throttle like the s197 cars lol.
  9. I know I dont have room for a set of mufflers behind my axles. Hell, right now, I am having trouble with just pipes getting too hot and melting my gas tank cover. Hell, the tips have even melted a spot on my rear bumper.....

    I like "creative" ideas, but I dont came off of a GT500, it is bad ass!!!!!
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  10. Looking at your sig and thought I would ask but, how do you like your 2.9 whipple? I found a deal on one for $1800 through a friend Im seriously considering it. How does the 718/626 feel on the street?
  11. I love the Whipple. It was the best thing I could have done. I am not even working the blower hard for 718/626. @ 18 psi and 91 octane, I am leaving a LOT on the table.

    It is really weird driving. I use it as a daily driver and as long as I don't floor it, it is very calm. My cams and really long 1st gear kill me at lights and putting around town at less than 2k rpms. I just keep it between 2k and 3k rpms when driving around town, and I dont have any problems. Going from completly calm to a missile in a second, is amazing. I have a couple videos, but I can't put those up until after I get back from this deployment.

    I am hoping I am back long enough to get to the track this year. I'm deployed right now, and come back July 2nd.
  12. Welcome back home!
  13. Are you going to try and mount them rear of the axle or, weld them in into the factory location?