Guess What I'm Gonna Fire Up Tuesday...(LONG)

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  1. So I've spent the last week or so messing with the 85 SVO I bought in November. WHOLE IDEA WAS TO PUT IT BACK TOGETHER BONE STOCK SO I COULD FEEL THE IMPROVEMENTS OF EACH MOD DOWN THE ROAD since I dropped an already modded motor into the 91 and never knew how each mod felt. Keep this in mind.

    3 weeks ago I pulled the VC and found that the #1 exhaust follower had come off, two of the lobes on the cam were toast, as well as the followers, etc. I pulled the head and one of the head bolts broke off in the block :nonono: I guess the 20 years of rust and corrosion had a good grip on it. :( I said screw it and the car sat for two weeks. I periodically sprayed the broke off bolt with PB blaster and hit it with a hammer to jar it loose.

    So last week I cut a slot in the head bolt (1/8" sticking out the block) and heated the bolt until it was orange...sprayed it with PB Blaster while it was hot, waited for it to cool, grabbed the impact driver (screwdriver removal tool) and it came right out :nice:

    I then decided to rummage through my pile of parts to figure out what it was gonna cost to put it back together (cam, followers, head gasket, timing belt, gaskets, cam seal, valve cover gasket, valve seals, etc.). I ended up having everything but the HG and timing belt :D I was stoked when I found an old cam that looked in good shape. So for 30 bucks I've got everything I need to put it back together. ;) Even had a new T3 compressor wheel to replace the destroyed one on the SVO (still don't know what happened to that one :scratch:)

    I decided while it was apart that I would do a valve job...the exhaust seats where pitted and barely sealing. I took it to my step dad's place and did a 3 angle valve job. I then decided to give the head a quick port job...ya know, clean off the casting flash, unshroud the valves a bit...1 hour tops and move on. This is where it started to go down hill...(see all caps in first paragraph)

    15 hours later I finally decide the head is "good enough" to move on... :rolleyes: What do I move onto? The friggin intakes of thing you know I spend 3 hours porting the inline intakes :nonono:

    So I cleaned up and painted the stock T3 to get ready to install it. I realize the stock E3 manifold that was on it is cracked so I refuse to put it on...back to the parts bin I go and the mayhem starts again: Bob's Big Log Header goes on...T04E 50/Stage III turbo goes on...When is it gonna end!?! I was gonna put this back together stock right? :bang:

    So now here I am...gotta put the head/log/turbo/intake assembly on tomorrow, hook up a few lines and such and I'll finally get to fire it up. :nice:

    So now that I modded it (ported head, hybrid, log header, ported intakes, etc.) I need to do the supporting mods before it will really shine. Of course I'll chop off the cat and stock muffler first...then comes a 3" downpipe I've got laying around...then a muffler...then the UPR shifter and handle I bought for it last month...then a cone filter that's in the mail...then I'll need to get rid of these little 30lb injectors so I can turn up the boost and not go lean...of course that means I need an LA3 too...It never ends does it? :owned:


    (Yeah I know...none of the pics on my site are working....don't ask why, I don't know)
  2. SVO, turboed 91, shop with lots of tools, tons of spare parts, etc. I don't feel sorry for you because you "overmodded" the SVO. :nonono:
  3. Hey, I had to buy or trade for those extra parts at one point or another :shrug:

    Oh, and you forgot about the Merkur...I'll let ya slide though :D
  4. I feel so much better I was really feeling bad about myself when I was porting the head and intakes on the 93 escort. :p

    Maybe you can start over with the merkur.
    Pull the slider cam out and shove that in the SVO and then it will be fairly stock.
    But, hey stock to me.......your 91, the svos, the possible 351c project, my lightning, my 351w coupe, amanda's car, and my turbo coupe are all stock too. :rolleyes:
  5. WAIT!!

    Does this mean you're going to drive the SVO out instead of the "other car" :D

    It sounds like the svo would be a good run for amanda's car.
  6. I think you may be getting ahead of yourself's not registered in my name yet, I don't know if it's gonna get good gas mileage and I don't know if it will be reliable :nonono:
  7. its wednesday, is it running yet???
  8. speaking of which....
    The merk is sitting on the trailor right now and headed to the shop tomorrow. I drove it around some, it definatly needs to be driven, but the more I drove it the stronger it felt. Since it may be a little while before you get it, do you want me to send you the paper work? Then you'll be good to go. :nice:

    Also.... :rolleyes: would you care if I posted a pic of me doing a really good burn out in your car?? I'll even through a spare set of tires on it. :nice:
  9. some how that would be half cool and half watch me do a burn out in Your car! :stupid:
  10. What? :shrug:
    He told me already he didn't care if I run it at the track....Just as long as I fix anything that might break. :nice:
  11. Had a number of things come up and haven't had time to work on the SVO much more...don't have the head torqued down yet.

    351w: I don't think I need the paperwork...I called my insurance and they said I would be covered driving that car home. As long as I can get the temporary tag/permit or whatever out there like you said then I don't need the title in advance.

    A burnout? I don't care...since you said it'd have a spare set of tires. Good to hear it's running better now that you are driving it some.

  12. Its actually stronger than I remembered it being. The brakes are a little weird feeling, but I'll look into it.
  13. Ok I changed my can't have it. :D

    anyway it is ok though. If you still have the parts car you need the headlight supports. The jackass cut them out rather than unbolt.

    By the way I'll need you to send a money order for gas. Its starting to get a little low. :p
  14. I'll get that MO out right away :rolleyes:

    Can you take any pics of the cut out headlight supports? Kinda need to see exactly what's up (as I've never had a merk apart).

  15. ok its the part that the headlights mount to. Have you found any good wiring diagrams for the car? little stuff like the passenger side window doesn't work.

    Also does TF or GT350R have the wiring procedure to make the merk harness work on another vehicle? like the pinto for example?
  16. I guess I'll have to take a look at my other Merk to see what I need to do to fix it.

    I don't know about wiring diagrams. I'm betting you could find all the info on turbo if you asked though. I know Lew has a few Merk diagrams but mostly mustang stuff.

  17. well, how's the 'vo coming?
  18. Ha ha beat ya to it, mine runs, now i just gotta clear her throught and I'll be tearin up the streets with her. Got her all registerd, was easier then I thought it was gonna be.

    Now stinger, GET TO WORK Gotta get another SVO back on the road where they belong. :flag:
  19. No ya didn't...I fired mine up on Monday.

    140: I drove it around all day today doing all my daily activities. Seems to run fine. I have the stock boost controller on it and it seems to be stuck on ~7 or 8 psi so it's not a "race car" by any means at this point. The only real issue (besides the leaky heater core that I bypassed...kinda rough driving it with no heater when it's only 15ยบ or less outside) is that it likes to idle at 2-3k unless I bump the throttle and get it to kick down...I'll get into looking at that soon. Then I gotta get the boost turned up for one good smoke show (with pics) on the old bald (and I mean BALD) rear tires before replacement.