Guide to replacing your 2001 Mach 460 head unit

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  1. It has three amp pre-outs - front, rear and sub. If you are using external amps, your amps should already have built in crossovers. If you are using components, they will come with passive crossovers. Otherwise, you could purchase a active crossover, but that requires the additional purchase of external amps.
  2. i have a 99 with a Mach 460 setup and i used a $8.99 Scosche harness from walmart and it works great :lol: . im using the stock mach speakers and stock mach amps, the only thing thats new is a pioneer deck. btw, if youre gonna go the route i did, make sure u get the CORRECT scosche adapter, as its labeled for vehicles with premium sound setups such as the mach system and premium factory amp setups for other models and makes :D
  3. I originally used the hp and lp features on my D3, but ended up buying bass blockers anyways. They made a nice difference. Now I just need a basslink to throw in the trunk
  4. confused

    I'm seriously thinking about replacing the mach 460 in my '01 GT, but I think I'm not reading something correctly... If you plug the harness' rca's in the new radio and set the crossover at 50Hz, and connect the tweeter cables to the LF, LR, RF, and RR with 170Hz bass blockers, how are the sounds in the 51-169Hz ranges played? Is there a second set of RCA plugs that go into the new radio or something? Thanks in advance for the help!
  5. This might make a little more sense with my earlier question

    As I said, I might just be misreading something. In an earlier post, it was said that 170Hz for the tweeters and 50Hz for the subs were good crossover frequencies. In the first post for the thread, it was said that "Wire the L/F+-, R/F+-, L/R+-, and R/R+- from your radio’s wiring harness to the corresponding wires on the Metra harness. This will send an amplified signal to your tweeters. If you don’t have a high-pass crossover, you will need to put the bass blockers in here." If I'm looking at the right wiring harness, it has the normal wires for L/F+-, R/F+-, L/R+-, R/R+-, dimmer, power, etc. and a set of RCA jacks (which I'm assuming are for sending the subwoofer sound). Thus, I'm confused as to what is driving the mid-range between 50Hz (the highest the subs will play based on the crossover) and 170Hz (the lowest the tweeters will play). Obviously I'm missing something, so I just want to make sure I have a clear understanging before taking the leap and buying new equipment only to either wire it up wrong or not be happy with the sound. Once again, thanks in advance for the help.
  6. Ok..I've read through all of this on SN for a few days now..

    I am installng a JVC KW-AVX810 Unit.. The HU itself has a High and Low pass x-over built in. My Biggest question is this now..

    My Sub Preout is a single RCA female connector.. The Metra Kit has 2 Male RCA connectors (which I understand go out to 2 different amps in the facotry system) So, should I be using a Y Cable to spilt off the SUB output signal into both connectors to send it on it's way to both amps or does using a Y connector screw up the voltage load or someting..

    Anyone got the answer for this ??
  7. A Y connector is the only way to do that being one amp runs the right and one runs the left. I am confused on what the tweeters and subs are crossed over at. I know from my other stereos that crossing over a tweeter at 170hz should blow them. In my active crossover system the tweeters are around 2000hz mids run from 100hz to 2000hz and the subs 80 and down. Sounds to me like the mach system is losing a lot of frequency's. I am going to install my active deck(Alpine 9835) and running the tweeters off the high outputs and the subs on the mid outputs and I can cross them over at almost and point and vary the slopes.
  8. just replaced my 2001 mach 460 6 disc in-dash stereo cuz the discs kept sticking and it finally pissed me off enough to punch the damn thing. needless to say, the plastic display is not very sturdy. once i found the right stereo plug ins, replacement was a breeze thanks to some helpful info i got here.:nice:
  9. Hey Guys,
    Sorry for bringing back an old post, but it should probally go hear anyway. I was just wondering if someone could answer my questions about a certain head unit and if it is compatible. The Head Unit is a Jensen VM9022, which is a double din and i was just wondering if it would fit in my mustang 01' with the mach 460. Thanks!
  10. To revive an old post again...

    I am trying to install a Mach 460 Hu from a 2001 GT in my 93. I have the entire interior save door panels and rear trim, in my 93 coupe from a 2001 GT. I want the stock radio in there but dont want all the hasseld with the factory amps. I am going to run an aftermarket 2 channel amp to run the midbass and a single channel to run subs. I need a factory wiring diagram that lists the colors of the stock harness in relation to what wire does what. If anyone has that, that would be awesome.

    Nevermind.... I got it all working. Lot's simpler when you swap the entire harness....
  11. where are the amplifiers located?
    could i use the factory amplifiers with aftermarket speakers? or do i need a amplifier?
    im new to this help any advice is greatly appreciated
  12. I had my head unit replaced in my 2002 gt w/ mach 460 by a local shop that has since gone out of business. I had them put in an alpine iva-w505 and ever since they did it I thought the sound was really weak. I was detailing my car this weekend and I realized that my door speakers aren't working and I'm guessing that my rear sub speakers aren't working either. Somehow the stereo seems to be only running through the tweeters, is there a quick fix for this or am I going to have to take this to another stereo place and have them run it through the new wiring harnesses?
  13. 2004 mustang

    would this wiring harness work for 2004 mustang?
    I just took the factory mach 460 out to take a look behind it and there was only one harness connected to the stock mach 460 and no where to plug the smaller metra harness with the RCA cables on it. would the metra harness work for me?
  14. 2004 mustang

    Heres what im talking about. there's nowhere to put the smaller harness with the RCA's into. The stereo says MACH on the front but maybe its not the 460? its not the 1000. Please help me out thanks

  15. For the people who have replaced the head unit but have not rewired the speakers (are getting poor sound quality to start), what settings did you do for the equalizer to make it sound better? I just replaced my head unit with a Pioneer one and it sounds very flat.
  16. Is there a way to disable the eq? like a pass through type setting
  17. Wanted Old Head UNIT

    Any member swapped out their head unit? I need an old unit for spares, I understand a lot have CD errors.
    I have the 6 cd version used in 2002 convertible

    Has anyone fitted a ipod connector to that radio


  18. i now this is old here but if i buy a radio with this
    Crossover Filter
    Selects the cut-off frequency
    of the front/rear speakers
    (HPF) and subwoofer (LPF).
    LPF: 50 Hz,
    60 Hz, 80 Hz,
    100 Hz (z),
    120 Hz
    To select the cut-off
    frequency. (Available only
    when “Subwoofer” is set to
    During reception/
    HPF: OFF (z) To not cut out the
    HPF: 50 Hz,
    60 Hz, 80 Hz,
    100 Hz, 120 Hz
    To select the cut-off
    Normal (z),
    To select the subwoofer
    phase. (Available only
    when “Subwoofer” is

    is this a high-low crossover???
  19. It sounds like the head unit allows you to set the crossover points for the speakers and subwoofer independently. If that's the case, then yes, it's got both a high and low-pass crossover built in. If I'm not mistaken that's the same basic crossover setup as the Pioneer I was running for a few years. It sounded pretty good with the stock speakers, but I finally ended up gutting the whole system in my convertible and put in new amps, new component speakers, and a 10-inch sub. Kicks major @$$ now :)
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