Happy Birthday Realmongo

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  1. Where's Wendell?


    Wendell is just north of Lock's Village, which is 10 miles east of Wapping...

    OK, OK, the area is about 15 miles North East of Amherst. Kind of a nutty area, lot's of hippies, political "out there" folks, and free thinkers. Not far east of exit 26 on Interstate 81.

    I was also hoping for a piece of that cake.... :banana:
  2. Be glad you didn't.......the chocolate icing was actually Ex-Lax........................:eek:
  3. Cake


    who could we send some of that special icing to?

    My section of the gutter is bracing for a snowstorm, so the gutter is getting very slushy. If Steelhorse comes by on his dinky raft, I'm make sure he gets covered by a plow-full of Northeast road slush! :banana: :rlaugh: :lol:

  4. Did not!!!!!!

    Did so!!!!

    I didn't think so!!!!!! I'd bet Chepsk8 understands! :p

    BTW; The choclate icing was not Ex-Lax! That actually happened to me once. It was very, very bad. :nonono:

    Still Dreamin'
  5. :p
  6. Huh?



  7. Are you telling me Mustanggrrrl (sp?) never watched "Where's Waldo?" :scratch:

    Still Dreamin'
  8. I'm still trying to figure this one out.

  9. Ummm

    Where does 'Whers Waldo?' come into all this?? :scratch: I think I saw it once or twice... :shrug: I do remember the books...

    So now, let me figure this out... If t_chelle gaurds the closet...whos gaurding the Gutter? :shrug: Well, word of advice for the gutter dwellers. Watch out for tennis balls alot of them get flung up there and are never found. 65Stanger probibly ate them...
  10. Okay somebody asked "Where's Wendell?"; to which the BBFCM replied, "Next to Waldo!". And then....... aahhhhh, just got back and read the thread :rolleyes:

    Nobody guards The Gutter; because it doesn't need a guard! Everybody that's in the gutter is having too much fun to get out! And those on the outside are watching what they're doing inside and are too afraid to join them! Except of course that peanut-boy Steelhorse; and your Pop's going to innundate that kid's raft with a bunch of wet, grimey, slushey snow! :p

    BTW, now I know how to spell your SN.

    Still Dreamin'
  11. Wait...I'm lost...Who has the score card?

  12. 65stanger used it to mop up his face after he pillaged your cake. :nonono:
  13. Ummmmm......MG, our Gutter is not "up there" (as in the gutter along your house eaves), it is "down here" as in the gutter along the curb at the street.........

    Those things were tennis balls? Damn and all this time I thought they were fuzzy, chewy green apples......:shrug:

  14. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrp!

    ooops, sorry, was that what that was................:shrug:
  15. And you thought that Realmongo's Score Card was a napkin! :doh:

    So you grow in the heat and shrink in the cold. I guess that is right :bang: what was I thinking :shrug:. Now I got it right. It must be the blonde roots showing up again. I do really miss the gutter people though. I think I am going to put on the bathing suit and go on in. Here I go, dam it is cold in here, oh what was that that just scooted past my leg, I never felt that before. What the s.....................be back later..........................

  17. Sorry, I was chasing olives along the bottom of the gutter again. Didn't mean to startle you.
  18. Those aren't olives StD!:nonono:
  19. "Wendell" Explained

    "Wendell" is a very small town in the Berkshires, with only one cross-road, one general store, and a few houses. I was wondering if realMongo knew where it was!

    But, since this thread has slid into the Gutter, The rest is just pleasant confusion! :rlaugh: Enjoy it as it sucks you in and paralyzes your brain...... :banana:

    Suzi's been swimmin' about? Been a long time since we've seen ya, girl!
  20. Puh-leeeeeeeeeze get it straight!:nonono: This thread DID NOT just slide into the Gutter! :nono:It was grabbed by a professional thread hijacker, bound with duct tape, gagged with an NK furball, picked up bodily and THROWN into the deepest part of the Gutter!:D

    My Birthday present to Realmongo! :banana: :spot: :banana: :spot: :banana:

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