Engine Hard To Start When Hot (stroker Enging)

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  1. Hey Folks I just bought a 95 Stang with ALL the GOODIES on her.to make it short The only thing stock is the diff it was rebalanced but that's it, She has a 347 Stroker kit complete blue printed 3000KM on the engine and was running with ROYAL PURPLE, I changed it to regular Pennzoil and the oil pressure is much lower and not as stable. I'm going to change it again but should I go back to Royal Purple or any good synthetic grade . I will add pics soon of all the goodies.

    Tks for any info
  2. is there a question in there somewhere?
  3. should I go back to Royal Purple or any good synthetic grade
  4. well the motor oil wont make it hard to start when hot, but a heat soaked starter will
  5. And will I need to get a stronger Starter because of the bigger engine?
  6. best bet is a high torque mini starter from someone like PA Performance
  7. Is it turning over slowly or just not firing when it's hot? I've seen that happy many times with larger injectors and a matched MAF.
  8. Yes.
  9. I run plain old mineral oil in my Stoker thus far and it performs just fine. The Stake Oil....er...I mean Royal Purple isn't your issue...but I wouldn't run that crap in my lawn mower anyway. As far as your starter is concerned, its suffering from heat soak and is probably it's way out. You can either built a heat shield for it, or wrap it for the time being to see if it goes away, or just replace it altogether.

    I have Long Tube headers on mine and they come within a fraction of an inch from my full size starter...but I don't have any heat soak issues at all. If you're going to replace it, do so with the later model mini starter. It has a smaller case and locates the unit further away from the hot exhaust pipe.
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  10. well said hulkdaddy
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  12. ^^^ This for anyone thinking about Long Tubes unless you LIKE the idea of dropping the exhaust to change starters. o_O
  13. You generally don't have to drop the exhaust on a Mustang to change the starter, even the stock one. Longtubes on a Ford generally don't get in the way of the starter. Maybe some of the really old school starters, but I was able to get both the stock starter and the Denso gear reduction in and out easily with longtubes. Now, a Chevy with a 3510S starter, that's a different story.