Has anyone installed Fiero seats in their car?

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  1. 88 is the pleated pattern design, he must be using an 84'-85' Fiero seat if he has speakers unless he is adding them.

    So Valley, did you go with a full pleat on the bottom of the 88' like mine or the standard half pleat? All vinyl or leather vinyl? Regular grains or the mixed stock Mustang type? I assume you tore apart the seats already? Have you decided on your seat track set up yet? Details man!!!!!!:D
  2. LOL! I ordered the 88 style just as shown on his site. So I guess it would be the standard. I got the Leather-ette. I didn't ask him about the grain so I guess I'll get what he sends. I did tear the Fiero seats apart and they look great. There are no holes or worn areas. They almost look as if they were re-done in the past. I have not decided on the track yet. I will probably start on it tomorrow. I'm thinking maybe bolting down some steel to the floor pan and bolting or welding the Fiero tracks to it. I will definitely post some pics. My daughter has a all day track meet on Sat so I'll try to get 'er done Sunday. I hope the upholstery will be here by then.​
  3. Sounds cool, I hope you didn't throw away the old skins yet though. Mr. Mikes sends all new foam for the seat bottom but you have to cut out the contoured lumbar part from the old seat back cover and reuse it.

    I look forward to following what you do on the tracks. I got too frustrated trying to mod the Fiero ones and they raise the seats up more than the Mustang ones do and I really wanted to keep that extra thigh room under the steering wheel that I gained.
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    You had to say that didn't you. One of my seats had been recovered and is missing the lumbar padding. I have a plan for the tracks. I drilled the rivets out on the rear mount. I was going to make a bracket but decided that I will just weld a bolt to the track. I will use nuts and fender washers to raise and lower the rear to where I want it. I will post pics tomorrow. I still need to get the bolts, nuts and washers.​
  5. Oops, well I tried to warn you but seems nothing you could do about it anyway. So that is weird, the new cover on one of the seats wasn't stock fiero I guess? Because usually a new stock cover would have come with new foam sewn in. It must have looked pretty baggy on the seat because it has a pretty large contour to it. Every once in a while I see someone trying to sell their old seat covers on ebay believe it or not with only minor rips, dirt or cigarette burns on them for like $5 or so, I would keep your eyes peeled and you might be able to score a set to steal the foam from.

    So I'm not sure how different the stock floorpan holes are on your car compared to my 69 but keep in mind that even if you weld a bolt to the back of the Fiero track for the correct length, the width across while close is still off by enough that you will either have to relocate the front and rear bolts outwards as well or cut out your floor pan holes to be oval by almost double their size. Its that or find a way to change the mounting points on the seat itself. Even after that just also beware that the fiero tracks are way longer than the seat pans so they are going to hang off from the back of the pan and at that angle be close to the rear floor, they will be visible if your seat is not all the way back and if you ever have anyone sitting back there they could cut and scrape their ankles on them.
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    Well, I have spoken to Mr. Mike several times. He is a great business man. He listens and gives advice where needed. He spent as much time on the phone with me as needed. I did catch him in time to get a pebble grain finish for the inserts. He said he had a buy on some material used in the newer BMWs and that is what mine is being made from. He said he would throw in a back rest pad for nothing as well. He has a 67 rear seat in his shop right now(if I remember correctly). I should ask him to save that pattern so I can match my rear seat since the 67 and 68 are the same.

    I had a change of plans on the seat track. I was going to use a certain bracket but I couldn't round up enough to do both seats. It was a powerstrut bracket that is used with unistrut. I called an electrical warehouse here in Anchorage and he said none of his warehouses in the US had them. By chance I found 4 brackets that were demoed on one of our jobs on Elmendorf Air Force base hospital. I found it in a pile of other unistrut fittings when I was looking for the powerstrut fitting. These are going to work better. I will post pics when I get ready to attach them. Today I received my new plastic handle to recline the seats. I found them on e-bay for $36. Now I need to find the bigger plastic pieces that cover the mechanism. I can't wait. I ordered new carpet last week. With that and the new seats, I'll be styling!
  7. I think you can get the mechanism covers at a place called the fiero store online.

    ??????????? What the heck is that? I don't follow.

    So is he doing custom matching rear seat covers now too? I'm sure he has had a huge influx of Mustang customers since I dealt with him but he would absolutley not do anything he didn't already own a pattern for when I had mine done.
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    The back rest pads are the inserts you took out of your covers. Remember I was missing one? Mr. Mike e-mailed me today and said my upholstery is done and ready for shipping. I received my new carpet today. It's just a matter of time now.

    I welded the Z brackets on the tracks today. I test fitted one bottom and it's a perfect fit.​
  9. Cool, looks good. So the dimension across was fine? I know I remember mine being just off by enough that the threads got hung up in the floor pan holes when I tried the first test fit. I think the center lines on the floor pan were like 14" and the track bolt centerlines were just under 14 1/2 or something odd like that.
  10. Mine are 13 3/4" center to center across and 11" front to back.
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    I received my upholstery today and all I have to say is WOW. I ordered the black leather-ett and it looks too much like real leather. As a matter of fact it is much better quality as the leather seats in my wife's expedition. If your thinking of getting upholstery from Mr. Mike's, I would do it while he still has this BMW material. It's funny, I received my speakers today as well. I didn't want to chance any of those speakers crapping out on me so I ordered some 3 1/2" infinities. Now I just have to figure out the wiring. It has adjustable tweeters and 4 terminals along with a small box that's inline. I'll have to extend the wires and attach that to the seat bottoms. I will start tomorrow and post my results. I can't wait!​
  12. Great, glad it's all working out for you. I think anyone who is considering the Fiero conversion would be nmore than happy getting any covering option from Mr. Mike.

    I can't wait to see them skinned and installed.
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    I was able to finish the bottoms tonight. The first seat took about 1 1/2 hours and the second only 1/2 hour. Here are some pics. I will be working on the backs tomorrow.
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    I finished one tonight. I needed more padding in the kidney area so I cut the hog rings off and added. I will finish the other one tomorrow and install probably Friday. I did find out that the person who recovered one of my seats took the listing rods out. I will go to the hardware store tomorrow and make my own.
  15. wow, that's a cool seat but way too much work for me. i love my 86 mustang GT buckets and other than relocating the 2 front studs they were a bolt in. i'm going to use them in the cougar and have them covered in black/blue houdstooth and the backs to match. i wonder if took my skins off and sent them to Mr Mike if he would make the covers for me? i still need to find some different headrests so i can get rid of the halo ones which were pretty cool back in the early 90's when i got them but they just don't work me anymore. i think i'm going to get some inflatable lumbar bolsters for them too.
  16. Seats are in!

    Here they are. I finished installation yesterday and won my first car show today! I still need to get the plastic covers for the mechanisms still. I installed the passenger seat on the driver's side the driver's on the passenger side. Mr. Mike said some people do this because when you crawl out of the car you tend to break the plastic peace after a while. The seats are higher than factory but very comfortable. It's like driving in a new car! They slide way back or very close for my wife. I really like the recline as well. Overall, I am tickled pink!!!!
  17. Cool and congrats on the win too! They look really nice installed, just like they belong there. I heard some folks had to swap left and right, luckily I did not. Not they they look any different that way really but when You want to let someone in the back it can be an issue leaning over first to pop it.

    Bryan, I doubt Mr. Mike will make the custom covers for you, he only works with his existing patterns. Never hurts to ask I guess but don't expect it to be any less work on your seats than these if you think it's too much to handle.
  18. hey 65, been looking at old posts on installing fiero seats in my son's 67 coupe and saw that you did the upgrade. can you give me any info on the mods on the seat track needed to install them? any info would be appreciated! thanks in advance! robert